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RUE MORGUE Joins Forces With Cannes’ New Fantastic Pavilion

Monday, March 6, 2023 | Announcement, Events, News


As reported last December by Variety, the prestigious Cannes Film Festival will, for the first time in its long history, host a Fantastic Pavilion at the Cannes Marché du Film in the Palais des Festivals. The brainchild of Pablo Guisa, Grupo Mórbido CEO; Bernardo Bergeret, Ventana Sur co-director; and Daniel de la Vega, co-ordinator of Ventana Sur’s Maquinitas video game forum, the Fantastic Pavilion will bring heightened visibility to genre cinema with a sizable area of booth and exhibition space. A reflection of the increased share genre film is taking in the world film market, thanks to the ongoing renaissance of horror, sci-fi and fantasy in both studio and indie fare, the Fantastic Pavilion marks what Guisa declares as “the dawn of a new era.”

Organized with the cooperation of the international genre and fantastic film community, the Fantastic Pavilion promises to be a destination for genre filmmakers and industry professionals. And RUE MORGUE will play a significant part in its inaugural outing!

With the recent announcement of the Fantastic Pavilion Galas (six special market screenings to be announced before the film market’s opening), it’s also been revealed that RUE MORGUE will print a special edition chronicling the role of genre film throughout the history of the Cannes Film Festival with a special focus on the Fantastic Pavilion’s many events.

As quoted by Variety’s Ed Meza, Fantastic Pavilion organizers state, “RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE’s prestige and its longstanding tradition as the most prominent printed genre publication in the business has cemented its place among pop culture and genre fandom, making it the perfect publication medium to exemplify the grand tradition of world genre film in this historic event at the Marché Du Film.”

Rodrigo Gudiño, RUE MORGUE founder, publisher and president

“The Fantastic Pavilion stands poised to change the face not only of the Cannes market, but of genre cinema worldwide, and RUE MORGUE couldn’t be more proud to be part of this historic moment,” says RUE MORGUE president Rodrigo Gudiño, adding, “The Fantastic Pavilion has the firm commitment to create opportunities to fulfill and serve the needs of the genre community. By showcasing the diversity of worldwide genre film production, the Galas fulfill this purpose.” 

For more information, visit the Fantastic Pavilion website. Keep an eye on RUE MORGUE for more on this developing story. 

William J. Wright
William J. Wright is RUE MORGUE's online managing editor. A two-time Rondo Classic Horror Award nominee and an active member of the Horror Writers Association, William is lifelong lover of the weird and macabre. His work has appeared in many popular (and a few unpopular) publications dedicated to horror and cult film. William earned a bachelor of arts degree from East Tennessee State University in 1998, majoring in English with a minor in Film Studies. He helped establish ETSU's Film Studies minor with professor and film scholar Mary Hurd and was the program's first graduate. He currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his wife, three sons and a recalcitrant cat.