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Exclusive pics, plus poster and info: Norwegian slasher short “NUMBER 7”

Friday, April 29, 2022 | Exclusives, News, Short Films


It aims to be a lucky one for fans of killer-in-the-woods movies.

Severin Eskeland, the Norwegian filmmaker whose last short was the haunted-house opus ALLODIUM (covered here), recently completed NUMBER 7 and has sent it out on the festival circuit. The writer/director sent along some exclusive stills and behind-the-scenes photos from the 12-minute film, which he describes as “much more violent than the last one.” It stars Magdalena From Delis, Jimmi Salomonsen (who produced with Eskeland, Magne Steinsvoll and Reinert Horneland) and Jarle Haga; the synopsis: “A woman wakes up in the woods all alone. After a while moving carefully through the thick forest, she trips and falls. When she turns around, she looks into the eyes of a dead person. What is her number?”

“We made this film out of our love for the slasher genre, but wanted to spin it a little,” Eskeland says. “This is a film where the hunter becomes the hunted. What would happen if the killer forgot someone?

“We shot it in the summer of 2021, with a small crew and a shoestring budget,” he continues. “We shot in three days, and were very lucky with the weather, considering this was done on the west coast of Norway, which is known for a lot of rain. We spent a long time in editing, color grading and working on the score. The film has been submitted to about 45 festivals, and at the first one we got into [the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival], we won 10 awards. So, we’re off to a flying start!”

You can see a trailer for NUMBER 7, and the complete ALLODIUM short, below the pics and poster.

Michael Gingold
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