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A look at Cryptozoic’s “FREDDY KRUEGER” Vinyl Terrorz Figure

Sunday, June 16, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Freddy Krueger one of the most lionized serial killers to ever grace celluloid, and is still as relevant as the day Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street first hit theaters in 1984. The character’s likeness (played by actor Robert Englund) is still being used in many different forms of merchandise and collectibles such as socks, t-shirts, masks and more.

When we got word Cryptozoic Entertainment was releasing a line of vinyl horror-themed figures called “Vinyl Terrorz”, the excitement built to a boiling point (with apologies to Freddy). Already established as “fans first”  games, trading cards and collectible company since its inception in 2010, Cryptozoic recently branched out into a more horror collectible direction with its Cryptkins vinyl blind box line of figures based on mystical creatures and folklore (coverage on series #1 and series #2).

We managed to get our hands on VINYL TERRORZ: FREDDY KRUEGER VINYL FIGURE (standard and shadow editions) to share with everyone. Standing 7 inches tall, the first thing that people will notice is how unbelievably lightweight these figures are. This gives them countless display options and that’s a great thing. 

The box design is very appealing, with the Standard sporting a red and black colour scheme with an illustrated picture of Krueger himself smiling back. The “Shadow” edition box is black with chromed out red lettering and trimmings. Krueger again flashes his sinister smile, along with a “Shadow Edition” sticker on the front transparent window.

Taking each figure out of box and placing them side by side, the realization hit that Designer Austin Haynes and Sculptor John Muniz went with a more modern and svelte Krueger look (maybe even considered creepy and cartoonish). This is actually a great selling point as it sets these figures apart from many of the others in the market. They have a completely individual look and feel different from most other releases before them. Staying true to what makes the character – the signature razor glove, fedora, burnt skin, pants and tattered red-and-green striped sweater – are all there. Both colour schemes work so well on each figure, that it may make fans want to buy both (there is a third Hot Topic “Skull Variant” which shows Freddy off with no skin on his face). The sculpted smirk which these figures have is one that echoes the look seen using more in the latter entries into the Nightmare series (when the films had more comedy injected into them)

There is no articulation on these figures, meaning the pose they are sold in, is the pose they will have to be displayed in. This really isn’t a problem, however, as (along with the figure), it has a sturdy boiler room grate grill base. The bottom of the base contains the words “Vinyl Terrorz, A Nightmare on Elm street, Freddy Krueger Vinyl Collectible,” along with logos for New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. and Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Overall, this first entry is a great one and really does generate anticipation for what the next entry might bring. Vinyl Terrorz: Freddy Krueger “Shadow Edition” available now for $40 USD or standard and Hot Topic “Skull Variant” for $29.99 USD (indivudually). For more info on these or other upcoming announcements, check Cryptozoic Entertainment’s website and Social media accounts. And remember… what happens on Elm Street may enter your nightmares!

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