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Watch out, Cryptozoic Entertainment “Cryptkins Series #2” is on the loose!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 | Review

Cryptkins are fast becoming my favourite horror-themed vinyl collectibles! Last years Cryptozoic Entertainment released series #1 of these 2.25 inch figures based on myth and folklore. The series brought to life (in sculpted vinyl, of course) 13 of the most popular cryptozoology inspired creatures including Nessie, Chupacabra, Cthulhu, Bigfoot, and others.

Now CRYPTKINS: SERIES 2 of this popular line sees more blind box madness with 13 new figures, including two rare and ultra-rare figures. This time around, sculptor Sam Greenwell (who also worked on Series #1) brings forth Kraken, Cerberus, Gryphon, Blue Dragon, Gargoyle, Wendigo, Werewolf, and more, with new exciting variants. The variants include a “Bone Chilling” skeleton styled paint on a selection of creatures featured in the series. There are also a couple of variant figures exclusive to Hot Topic stores, including Kosmic Kraken and Hellhound. Cryptozoic Entertainment also offered an exclusive variant figure only sold on their electronic store called “Damnation Cryptkin” which is a different take on the Cerberus figure. This particular variant was limited to 300 produced and sold out right away.

One of my favourite things this time around is the fact that there are a variety of well-known creatures, like Werewolves, mixed in with a few not so well known ones, such as the Cactus Cat. I for one had never heard of the latter until I read the included “Bio” card, which shows a drawing of the creature on one side, and gives information on the other. The detail put into these figures shows that Cryptozoic Entertainment really know their stuff and put in a ton of care when choosing the figures they want to represent.

This second series cross-promotes the CryptkinsTM Channel on Quidd app, where fans can collect and trade limited edition stickers, trading cards and 3D figures. This is a great way to meet new “Cryptkin” collectors and share with like-minded people.

Here’s hoping a Series #3 is in the works as my family and I have a display case ready and waiting for more of these wonderful creatures. Series #1 and #2 are both available now at retailers such as Entertainment Earth and Hot Topic. Also, don’t forget to pre-order the new horror line VINYL TERRORZ: FREDDY KRUEGER (which was previewed here) on Cryptozoic Entertainment’s E-store here and will see a release this June.

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