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Reel Twisted FX’s new “Alien wall hanging” is out of this world

Friday, September 6, 2019 | Collectibles


Rhonda Causton of Reel Twisted FX (featured here) is a freelance special effects artist and is back with a truly out of this world ALIEN (WALL HANGING) collectible. The handmade and painted head (which features large solid black cloudy eyes and other extraterrestrial features) measures 7 inches tall and is 6 inches in width. Fabricated from soft silicone and foam, the alien head resides on a varnished wood plaque. Be the talk of the town (and men in black) with this truly space-tacular conversation piece.

Price: $60 CDN plus shipping

Causton will also be offering a two day course (October 5-6) on an introduction to mask making. Learn a little about character design, sculpting, mold making, casting and painting techniques and go home with your own hand made mask and the mold to make duplicates. Cost is $300/per student, includes materials. NB minimum age is 16 yrs old. Look for the official event page to be up shortly (this course is not suitable for people whom have allergies to latex). Private Message the Reel Twisted FX Facebook account for enrollment details.

Be sure to check out other unique handmade horror collectibles pieces on the Reel Twisted FX Etsy page and on the Facebook account that is dedicated to updates and new projects, come back to Earth with unique horror collectibles.

Reel Twisted FX Etsy
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