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Make It Rain with Blood and Guts in “Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator”

Thursday, January 14, 2021 | Games

Hot off the heels of last year’s hilariously disturbing MR. BUCKET TOLD ME TO, the twisted POKEMON SNAP-like CELLULAR HARVEST and AN AIRPORT FOR ALIENS CURRENTLY RUN BY DOGS, developer Strange Scaffold has announced the sci-fi body-horror title SPACE WARLORD ORGAN TRADING SIMULATOR releasing later this year.

Players will buy, trade and sell organs in this humourous market tycoon game that features complex cargo mechanics, constantly fluxuating stocks, and a wide variety of quests, events and items. The game will also focus heavily on the existential dread of treating bodily organs as a trade good. Whew, this future is bleak!

Organs! Everyone has them, and everyone wants them, which is where you come in. You are an organ
trader, plying your fleshy wares to a strange, evolving, and desperate universe full of clients. Monitor
market trends, fulfill client requests, unknowingly supply livers to a sentient frog god so his partying may
never end, but most of all: try to turn a profit.

Set for release on PC with possible console ports planned at a later time, be sure to keep an eye on this wholly unique horror indie by wishlisting the game on Steam here and supporting Strange Scaffold over on their Patreon.

Check out the game’s trailer below.


Evan Millar
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