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Kane Hodder’s Goatface stalks through our exclusive “KILL HER GOATS” clip

Friday, January 27, 2023 | Exclusives, News


But his stalkee might be able to take care of herself.

WithAnO Productions gave us an exclusive preview clip from KILL HER GOATS, featuring Kane Hodder as the murderous “Goatface.” Written, produced and directed by Steve Wolsh, the movie also stars Arielle Raycene, Ellie Gonsalves, Monica Sims, Dani Mathers, Amberleigh West and Skyler Seymour, with practical creature effects and gore by Ben Bornstein (RESURRECTION, NANNY). The synopsis: “Audra’s father has bought her a beautiful new home. While it’s presented as a graduation gift, the hope is that she’ll move home to stay. Audra [Raycene] hasn’t spent much time in her hometown after a particularly bad breakup with her ex-boyfriend Devon [Seymour]. In fact, the bad blood has yet to fizzle. Despite Devon being completely obsessed with his new girlfriend, Autumn [West], he’s maintained his warning for Audra to never return. Located in the fictional town of West Craven on Cape Cod, this house is infamous amongst the locals. It’s known as the ‘Tupp House,’ after the family that used to live there. All the Tupps either went mad, were murdered, or have long since disappeared. This cemented the Tupp House in local folklore as one of the most cursed and haunted dwellings in West Craven. While this would be a detractor for most, it’s waterfront property that was offered at a steeply discounted price, too good to pass up. Plus, Audra doesn’t believe in ghosts, and she’s loved this house since she was a kid.

“The entire film takes place on the day Audra returns to West Craven to settle into her new house with the help of her two best friends Reese [Sims], and Missy [Gonsalves]. Audra’s lifelong friends and former cheer mates, Reese and Missy are currently on the cheer squad at West Craven Community College and are thrilled to welcome Audra home. Sounds like the makings of a good old-fashioned girls’ weekend. To celebrate, Audra plans to drink wine, watch scary movies, and spend the following day drinking at the beach with her best friends. She is none too concerned about her sister who hates her, her ex-boyfriend who’s threatened her not to return, or spending the night in the Tupp House. What could go wrong…”

Head over to the movie’s official website for updates and to order a limited-edition Steelbook 4K UHD/Blu-ray set with additional collectibles (shipping March 1), the soundtrack album, a Christmas ornament and other merchandise.

Michael Gingold
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