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Get a taste of “FRESH MEAT” via a few exclusive photos!

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 | Exclusives, News


The survival-horror film is currently shooting in Ontario, Canada.

Raven Banner Entertainment gave us the first look at some grisly stills and behind-the-scenes pics (the latter by Ashely Earthchild) from FRESH MEAT, the new feature from Canadian writer/director Daniel Turres (HERE FOR BLOOD). Joelle Farrow, Mika Amonsen, Hannah Galway, Jorja Cadence, Karn Kalra, Tyson Wong, Alex Sands and Kyle Englehart star; the synopsis: “When a daring group of Internet influencers sneak into an abandoned prison seeking thrilling content, they unwittingly unleash an imprisoned inmate lurking deep within. Hungry for “fresh meat,” the inmate presents a perilous situation. With no exit, the influencers are thrust into the challenge of staying alive while capturing their most harrowing content yet.”

Christian Turres, Courtney Presto, Ben Srokosz and David Bond (HUESERA) are producing, with Raven Banner’s Michael Paszt, James Fler and Andrew T. Hunt as executive producers. Raven Banner is handling worldwide sales on the movie; stay tuned for word on when it will be unleashed upon audiences.