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Final lineup of movies plus guests including Roger Corman revealed for Fantaspoa festival

Monday, May 6, 2019 | Events, News


We previously reported here on the first round of films playing the Fantaspoa festival, and now the final, extensive lineup and more info have been unveiled; you can read it and check out the fest trailer past the jump.

The biggest event of its kind in Latin America, Fantaspoa runs May 16-June 2 this year in Porto Alegre, Brazil, boasting appearances by legendary genre mogul Roger Corman, Swedish exploitation star Christina Lindberg (THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE) and BEETLEJUICE/TALES FROM THE CRYPT scripter Larry Wilson; Corman and Wilson will conduct master classes during the fest. In addition to the earlier announced titles, the following features will also screen:

• 7 REASONS TO RUN AWAY (FROM SOCIETY) (Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler, David Torras, Spain)—Latin American Premiere
• ACHOURA (Talal Selhami, Morocco/France)—Latin American Premiere
• BLACK CIRCLE (pictured; Adrián García Bogliano, Sweden/Mexico/U.S./Finland/Italy)—Brazilian Premiere
• BLOODLINE (Henry Jacobson, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• BOOK OF MONSTERS (Stewart Sparke, UK)—Latin American Premiere
• BRAMA—THE GATEWAY (Volodymyr Tykhyy, Ukraine)—Latin American Premiere
• CASA DE SUDOR Y LÁGRIMAS (Sonia Escolano, Spain)—Latin American Premiere
• LA CASA LOBO (Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León, Chile/Germany)—Regional Premiere
• COMMANDO NINJA (Benjamin Combes, France)—Latin American Premiere
• ECHOES OF FEAR (Brian Avenet-Bradley and Laurence Avenet-Bradley, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• ENDE NEU (Leonel Dietsche, Germany)—International Premiere
• EVERY TIME I DIE (Robi Michael, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• FLY ME TO THE SAITAMA (Hideki Takeuchi, Japan)—Latin American Premiere
• HANNAS’S HOMECOMING (Esther Bialas, Germany)—Latin American Premiere
• HARPOON (Rob Grant, Canada)—Brazilian Premiere
• HIS MASTER’S VOICE (György Pálfi, Canada/Hungary/France/Sweden/U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• I AM LYING NOW (Pawel Borowski, Poland/Netherlands)—World Premiere
• INFECCION (Flavio Pedota, Venezuela)—Brazilian Premiere
• INGENIUM (Steffen Hacker, Germany)—Latin American Premiere
• IS THAT YOU, DAD? (Rudy Riverón Sánchez, Cuba/UK)—Latin American Premiere
• KILL BEN LYK (Erwan Marinopoulos, UK/France)—Latin American Premiere
• KUKAI—LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT (Kaige Chang, China/Japan)—Latin American Premiere
• LAJKA (Aurel Klimt, Czech Republic)—Regional Premiere
• THE LAST WARRIOR (Dmitriy Dyachenko, Russia)—Brazilian Premiere
• LOST IN APOCALYPSE (Sky Wang, China/U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• THE NIGHT SITTER (Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• RED LETTER DAY (Cameron Macgowan, Canada)—Latin American Premiere
• S HE (Shengwei Zhou, China)—Latin American Premiere
• SEDER-MASOCHISM (Nina Paley, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• SOY TÓXICO (Pablo Parés, Argentina)—Brazilian Premiere
• TR3SH: LA CONCHA DE SU MADRE (Alejo Rébora, Argentina/Brazil)—World Premiere
• TRUE FICTION (Braden Croft, Canada)—World Premiere
• THE UNTHINKABLE (Crazy Pictures, Sweden)—Latin American Premiere
• EL VAMPIRO DE LAGO (Carl Zitelmann, Venezuela)—Brazilian Premiere
• VIOLENCE VOYAGER (Ujicha, Japan)—Brazilian Premiere
• THE WHISTLER (Gisberg Bermudez, Venezuela/Mexico/U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE? (Kirill Sokolov, Russia)—Latin American Premiere
• WILKOLAK (WEREWOLF) (Adrian Panek, Poland/Netherlands/Germany)—Latin American Premiere
• YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER (Brett Simmons, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere

Many of these movies will be accompanied by their creators. There will also be an extensive assortment of Brazilian and international short-film screenings, a number of projects presented in the second annual FantasMercado production market devoted to up-and-coming Latin American genre talent, and other attractions.

Michael Gingold
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