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First films announced, poster revealed for Fantaspoa festival 2019

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | Events, News


Latin America’s largest genre festival, Brazil’s Fantaspoa has announced the first round of movies for its 2019 edition. Read on for the titles and to check out the event’s poster.

This year’s Fantaspoa takes place in Porto Alegre, Brazil May 16-June 2, featuring over 100 films (the full lineup will be revealed the first week of May). The opening-night films will be Felipe M. Guerra’s DEODATO HOLOCAUST, a documentary about notorious Italian director Ruggero Deodato, and Drew Thomas’ action opus THE MONGOLIAN CONNECTION, and the closing-night feature will be Konstantinos Koutsouliotas’ THE FEAR OF LOOKING UP; all three are world premieres. Also screening at Fantaspoa will be:

• 70 BINLADENS (Koldo Serra, Spain)—Latin American Premiere
• A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL (Linus de Paoli, Germany)—Latin American Premiere
• ALIVE (Rob Grant, Canada)—Latin American Premiere
• DEAD IN A WEEK: OR YOUR MONEY BACK (Tom Edmunds, UK)—Latin American Premiere
• DEADTECTIVES (Tony West, U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• I TRAPPED THE DEVIL (Josh Lobo, U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• LAST SUNRISE (Wen Ren, China)—Latin-American Premiere
• LIFECHANGER (Justin McConnell, Canada)—Brazilian Premiere
• MODEL HOME (Patrick Cunningham, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• MUTANT BLAST (Fernando Alle, Portugal/U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• O BARCO (Petrus Cariry, Brazil)—Regional Premiere
• PUNTO MUERTO (Daniel de la Vega, Argentina)—Brazilian Premiere
• REBOBINADO, LA PELÍCULA (pictured above; Juan Francisco Otaño, Argentina)—Brazilian Premiere
• REBORN (Julian Richards, U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• STARFISH (A.T. White, U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• TEJANO (David Blue Garcia, U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• THE HEAD HUNTER (Jordan Downey, Portugal/U.S.)—Brazilian Premiere
• THE HOARD (Jesse Thomas Cook and Matt Wiele, Canada)—Latin American Premiere
• THE RUSSALKA (Perry Blackshear, U.S.)—Latin American Premiere
• YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO (Demian Rugna, Argentina)—Brazilian Premiere

Michael Gingold
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