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EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: “THE WELDER” Has A Terrifying Solution For Society’s Problems

Monday, January 23, 2023 | Exclusives, News


As with all art, horror movies have always commented on society’s ills. The genre is a perfect vehicle for allegory. Although some filmmakers are subtle in tackling complicated issues, others, like writer-director David Liz, are unafraid to take a direct approach.

In Liz’s new film, THE WELDER, Camila Rodríguez stars as Eliza, a Latina woman emotionally scarred by her military service. Hoping to alleviate her stress, she embarks on a ranch vacation with her African American boyfriend, Roe (Roe Dunkley). However, the couple’s relaxing weekend spirals into a nightmare of depravity and violence when they run afoul of a mad doctor bent on conducting macabre racial experiments.

Liz, who co-wrote THE WELDER with screenwriter Manny Degadillo, describes the film as “an ode to the slow-burn horror classics of the ’70s and ’80s,” adding, “This movie tackles the issue of racism in America from an angle that is completely unique and also strangely familiar. All the pieces came together serendipitously to make this project come alive.”

Check out the intense new trailer below.

THE WELDER from Terror Films arrives on digital February 24. 

William J. Wright
William J. Wright is a professional freelance writer and an active member of the Horror Writers Association. A lifelong lover of the weird and macabre, his work has appeared in many popular publications dedicated to horror and cult film. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his wife and three sons.