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Exclusive photos: Road-trip thriller “AN AMERICAN MASQUERADE” shoots for its world premiere

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | Exclusives, News


It’s a violent and funny voyage down the West Coast by Australian filmmakers.

AN AMERICAN MASQUERADE is the latest film from directors Jasmine Jakupi and Addison Heath, the award-winning duo behind MY CHERRY PIE, THE VIPER’S HEX and MONDO YAKUZA. It stars Elissa Dowling (WE ARE STILL HERE, THE GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR), Yoji Yamada, Dylan Heath, Trent Haaga (CITIZEN TOXIE, 68 KILL), Love Connie and Ezra Buzzington (BROOKLYN 45, MOHAWK). The synopsis: “Scott Mifune [Yamada] and Lenny Bulger [Heath] are two failed actors attempting to eke out an existence in Portland, Oregon. Between smoking weed and embarrassing auditions, their dreams of moving back to Hollywood are seemingly dying. That is, until a change of luck finds them with an opportunity to make a large sum of money to transport drugs to LA. En route, they defend a porn starlet, Indiana Union [Dowling], from her violent manager and she joins them on their journey. Along the way, the trio meet a wild array of criminals, perverts and porn moguls as they take one last shot to better their lives. AN AMERICAN MASQUERADE is a sex, drugs and violence road trip across cosmic America told through the eyes of three under-represented underdogs.”

AN AMERICAN MASQUERADE has its world premiere as a midnight show on Friday, May 17 as part of the Shock-A-Go-Go Film Festival in Beverly Hills, CA, with the directors in attendance. The screening will take place at the Lumiere Cinema at the Music Hall (9036 Wilshire Blvd.). Tickets are available here; for more information on the festival, head over to its official website.

Michael Gingold
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