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Exclusive photos, plus trailer and comments: Award-winning horror short “RIDE BABY RIDE” drives toward its on-line debut

Thursday, February 29, 2024 | Exclusives, News, Short Films


A demonic car is at the center of this unique take on the rape-revenge subgenre.

Writer/director Sofie Somoroff gave us a few exclusive stills and behind-the-scenes pics (by Scott Lewis) with the word that her short film RIDE BABY RIDE will be premiering at the horror-centric site Alter. March 11. Produced by Somoroff, lead actress Celina Bernstein and Sam Fox, it stars Bernstein as “a vintage-car mechanic who is underestimated by the men in her field and confronted by a creepy 1978 Camaro–and the lecherous beast inhabiting it,” according to the official synopsis. RIDE BABY RIDE’s awards have included Best Short Film at the HorrorHaus, Hellifax Horror and Dark Red film festivals, Best Horror Short Film at Another Hole in the Head and Best Cinematography at Dark Red.

“At its core,” Somoroff says, “RIDE BABY RIDE is about the frustration and terror wrought by misogyny, particularly for a woman in a field dominated by men. I wanted this movie to be fun as well as cathartic. While the character goes through a harrowing experience, I felt making the car, an object, the assailant would allow us to focus on the thrill of her fight back and her ultimate victory, as opposed to ruminating on the horrors of her experience.”

Says Bernstein, “RIDE BABY RIDE was an opportunity for me to take control, both as an actor and in the film. I love being placed into these extreme, vulnerable situations, and seeing how my character reacts. She’s strong, and quick-witted, yet messy: She’s unafraid to be herself and really get dirty when the time comes.”

Michael Gingold
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