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Thursday, September 28, 2023 | Exclusives, Interviews


RUE MORGUE recently announced a new collaboration between Lulu Adams of the Adams Family (HellbenderWhere the Devil Roams) and James and Vince Coleman of Coleman Bros. Films. As of this writing, not much more has been released about the Colemans’ still-untitled vampire movie starring Adams. Nevertheless, Lulu Adams has been very busy, having recently co-written the upcoming Adams Family film Hell Hole, which will premiere on Shudder sometime in 2024. Luckily for us, she still took the time to answer a few of our questions about her role in the upcoming Coleman Bros. vampire flick.

What was it like working with the Coleman Bros. on their new movie? Did you enjoy it? 

It was a wild new experience! Everything was super new and different from how I knew it [with my family], but everyone was still so passionate about film and helpful to one another! I loved being on such a unique site with all the different people and friends they brought together for the movie, and you could tell the Coleman brothers just love everything related to cinema. The great conversations about films and life philosophy never stopped!

Lulu Adams and Vince Coleman share a fun moment on set.

Can you tell us anything about your character, Eleanor? 

She’s a vicious, vivacious, loud wench! It was super fun playing her as this wicked, animalistic character to set the backstory of the movie!

In your opinion, what sets the Coleman Bros. apart from other horror directors? What makes them unique?

They work as a family, and they make you feel like family, as well! The two brothers are kindhearted and passionate, and they, as a family unit, bring in and make their small crew feel like they are also part of the family; There’s just nothing to compare to how special that is. And as directors, they get into it all. They’re involved and checking in on all parts of the film, and it’s great to have directors understanding and a part of all aspects.

Can you tell us what else you’re working on? 

I just wrapped up filming my family’s next film, called Fairy, and slowly working up a potential screenplay.

What are your goals for the immediate future? 

Actress Lulu Adams

I’m currently starting my first year in a master’s/doctorate program in counseling therapy in Scotland and hoping to use that psychological background to add some mindfuckery to our next films. [I’m] hoping to travel a ton and scuba dive while I’m living in Europe as well as get some new cultural insights on fun lore and customs to add to our storytelling and perspectives. As for acting and writing, I’m hoping to do some really challenging and contrasting personas and to write another screenplay in the future!

Are you a real vampire or do you just play one on TV? 

One hundred percent real. I’m always awake late at night, I love me some medium rare meat and I’m never tan!

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