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Exclusive Comments: Bruce Dickinson talks “RAIN ON THE GRAVES” Solo Video

Friday, January 26, 2024 | Comics, Exclusives, Music, News


Metal maniacs rejoice! Bruce Dickinson, the immortal voice of Iron Maiden, is back with the second single and video from his forthcoming solo album, THE MANDRAKE PROJECT (accompanied by a companion comic series from Z2 Comics). “Rain on the Graves,” the follow-up to “Afterglow of Ragnarok,” released in November of 2023, finds the iconic frontman in classic form, with his voice embodying all the fire and power his millions of headbanging fans have come to expect. Dickinson’s patented sardonic wit is also on full display, with the singer portraying a particularly sinister minister. Just before the video’s release, RUE MORGUE caught up with Dickinson, who shared a few words about the creepy clip.

“So, the second video, we’re just editing it right now, is amazing because we put it together right from the beginning of it, right? Let’s go and tell the story. And it’s actually nothing to do with the comic. It’s just a really, really cool video for ‘Rain on the Graves,'” Dickinson says.

Never one to limit himself to one form of expression, the 65-year-old vocalist has always had an affinity for music videos. “When I do music, I think in pictures,” Dickinson reflects. “So, always, I would do a video. If I had the budget – there’s that horrible word again. If I had the budget, I would do a video for every single song I’ve ever written because every single song I’ve ever written is a mini-movie in my head. That’s what I see when I sing it. And that goes for Iron Maiden as well.”

Keep an eye on RUE MORGUE for an in-depth interview with Bruce Dickinson about THE MANDRAKE PROJECT album and comic book. THE MANDRAKE PROJECT is on sale on March 1, 2024. Issue #1 of the limited comic series from Z2 Comics is available now.

William J. Wright
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