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“DYING LIGHT 2” finally gets a release date (E3 2019)

Monday, June 10, 2019 | Games, News

There are a ton of zombie games on the market: from STATE OF DECAY 2 to DAYS GONE to WORLD WAR Z and beyond, one game that stands out from the pack is DYING LIGHT. This 2015 release was a huge step in undead gaming, and players have been begging for a follow-up ever since. Last year at E3 2018, developer Techland finally announced DYING LIGHT 2, and players have been holding their breath for a release date ever since. Finally, Microsoft announced the game’s release date and also showcased a brand new trailer during their annual press conference.

DYING LIGHT 2 is set 15 years after the first game, and is also based in the fictional city of Harran. You play as Aiden Caldwell, a resident of one of the last human settlements. Much like the first game, the protagonist is infected with the virus that has taken out humanity. Because you are infected, you are able to go to places that no one else will. DYING LIGHT 2 brings back the fast-paced parkour gameplay that made the first game so special, but there are several notable changes. In this installment, the decisions you make will change the story, and there’s no going back. It can even affect locations you unlock. While this is still the city of Harran, much has changed in the 15 years that have passed. The virus has evolved in the severely infected where the dead hide in darkness during the day, but stalk their prey at night.

If you were hoping to see DYING LIGHT 2 anytime soon, I hate to break it to you, but we still have another year until the game is released in Spring of 2020 – and that’s assuming there are no delays in its development. You may have heard me cry “NO!” all the way from where you are, because that’s a long time to wait. But, I am a FINAL FANTASY fan, so I know how to wait. If you haven’t played DYING LIGHT before, Techland continues to release new content and still does events for players, which is a great way to stay involved until the new game finally graces us with its presence.

Dev Crowley
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