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One day left to pledge and deal Your Fate With “The Beauty Of Horror” Tarot Card Set By Alan Robert

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 | Announcement

Author of The Beauty of Horror adult colouring book series, Alan Robert has one more day to meet his Kickstarter goal for his new project THE BEAUTY OF HORROR TAROT CARD SET.  This set, to be released by IDW Publishing, will feature 78 pieces of original horror-inspired card art. Get a glimpse into what the future holds with these highly detailed decks of devilish divine destiny.

There are two ways to divination with two decks to choose from, “Fear Your Future” or “Color Your Destiny,” with both sets featuring 22 major and 56 minor arcana cards. “Fear Your Future” is a fresh take on a traditional tarot set featuring fully-colored standard-sized tarot cards. While “Color Your Destiny” has black and white larger tarot cards that are all uncoated and ready to be coloured by its collector.

There are many different backing options available starting at $5 USD – HORRORscope pledge (access to a weekly newsletter that delivers 1 new fully-colored tarot card to your email. Along with the digital version of the card, the email will contain the standard reading of what the card means and a blurb from the illustrator Alan Robert about the influence for the card art. Pledge $79 USD  for the Ultimate Nightmare pledge, a top-tier ticket to terror including everything in the campaign – this bundle grants access to the weekly HORRORscope newsletter, contains the “Fear Your Future,” “Color Your Destiny” and “Draw Your Own Terror” sets, includes the Tarot Guidebook, Ghouliana’s Tarot Cloth, slipcase packaging designed to hold both full tarot sets, the Beauty of Horror Ultimate Nightmare Portfolio, and a set of Ghouliana’s Ghastly gifts that unlock during the campaign.

Check out the official Kickstarter campaign page for more information on pledges, add-ons and special gifts. Draw a card from the deck and check out what the future holds with the beauty of horror tarot card set, if you dare! Check out more horror related goodness from Alan Roberts on his website and Instagram. Also give his band, he has beaten the bass guitar in for over twenty years, Life of Agony’s new album – The Sound of Scars (2019) a listen.

Chris Hammond
The Curator of the Creepy collectibles. I've been an avid horror fan for over 3 decades. Meeting and writing about some of the finest artists from all over the world is a pure joy. I've written for multiple websites on the art and collectible front. The horror bug that lives inside me is well cared for and has been going strong since I watched my first introduction to horror through a grainy VHS copy of John Carpenter's 1978 classic film Halloween.