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Clarence Adams Goes Retro “Halloween” with His latest Creation

Monday, December 3, 2018 | Collectibles

Clarence Adams, CEO and founder of  A&C Creations an Adams Design, makers of a stunning line of horror throne chairs (viewed here), just unveiled his 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY HALLOWEEN MICHAEL MYERS WALL DECORATION through Facebook and it’s dangerously dazzling. This all wood piece was carved in multiple pieces and painted by Adams himself. The words “Haddonfield” and top and center and two bloody kitchen knives are on either side of the numbers 1978 (the year the original Halloween film was released). An eerie likeness of Michael Myers stands in the foreground front and center with the Myer’s family home fleshing out the background. Available with or without lights, this piece is sure to please most every fan of the series.

If you’d like your very own Michael Myers Wall decoration which are made to order, contact Mr. Adams through the A&C Creations an Adams Design Facebook account.  Keep an eye out for more additions to follow, and bring Michael home this holidays. 
Price on 40 year Anniversary Halloween Michael Myers Wall Decoration:
$125 (without lights), $150 (with lights)

A&C Creations an Adams Design Facebook

Chris Hammond
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