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Attend a virtual indie horror gaming expo with Haunted PS1’s “EEK3”

Sunday, June 21, 2020 | Games


This summer’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) may have been cancelled due to COVID-19, but the good folks at HAUNTED PS1 are bringing the show experience to you virtually.

Showcasing over 40 trailers for upcoming or recently released indie horror titles, EEK3 also features an downloadable mini-game that’ll allow you to check out each game on the show floor – all while completing tasks for a variety of strange characters found in the games themselves.

With contributions by lum (PARANOIHELL, SEARCH PARTY), Moya Horror (SAUNA 2000), Bryce Bucher (FATUM BATULA), LovelyHellplace (DREAD X COLLECTION, DREAD DELUSION), somewhat (I MAKE SAINTS, PLEASE FOLLOW) and more, it’s a staggering collection of indie gaming talent with a wholly unique presentation that’s sure to delight and stir up hefty amounts of nostalgia.

Haunted PS1 will also host a summer game jam in the coming weeks, so be sure to cast a vote as to what theme you think they should explore.

Check out the showcase video below and download the virtual show floor on their page, and keep up with HAUNTED PS1 on Twitter.


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