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Sinister Seven

Sinister Seven: Dan Palmer, writer and star of Stalled

on January 8, 2014 | Leave a comment

[The Rue Crew has thus far been mightily impressed by Stalled, the indie zombie comedy from director Christian James and writer/star Dan Palmer. Richard Gladman, the voice of Rue Morgue UK, checks in with an interview with Palmer.]

The UK’s biggest and most prestigious horror film festival, Film4’s FrightFest, has a reputation for discovering new talent and premiering low-budget movies that might otherwise have slipped under the radar, and the 2013 festival was no exception. Voted by many as their film of the festival, Stalled is a low-budget British zomcom set almost exclusively in a ladies restroom on the night of an office Christmas party during a zombie outbreak. Our hero (played by Dan Palmer) gets trapped in one of the stalls and makes numerous hilarious attempts to escape the ravenous living dead.

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Sinister Seven

Sinister Seven: ‘Can’t Look Away’ horror exhibit curator Jacob McMurray

on February 22, 2013 | 2 Comments

[RM contributor Alexandra West checks in with a shiny new Sinister Seven.]

Horror is often relegated to the cobwebbed corners of popular culture. It’s dismissed, misunderstood or deemed a guilty pleasure. But the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington has given the genre its due. With their exhibit Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film, senior curator Jacob McMurray, along with guest curators Roger Corman, John Landis and Eli Roth, has created an interactive and sensory experience that illuminates the history of horror cinema for gore-hounds and the casually curious alike.

The exhibit incorporates props such as the axe from The Shining, the Xenomorph creature suit from Alien and the Creature From the Black Lagoon’s mask as well interactive elements including The Scream Booth, where photos of shrieking visitors become part of the exhibit, and artist Philip Worthington’s Shadow Monster installation, which invites visitors to turn their own shadows into projected monsters…

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Cinemacabre, Daddy's Little Monster

Daddy’s Little Monster: Attack the Block

on August 20, 2011 | 3 Comments

Welcome to another edition of Daddy’s Little Monster. Tonight’s feature presentation? The British sci-fi/horror/action/comedy mash-up, Attack the Block. It’s just opened here in North America but we were fortunate enough to catch an advance screening of it in May. I’m gonna sit this one out and hand over the reins. So, without further ado, a 100% Little Monster’s view of Attack the Block.

Emma: Attack the Block takes place in South London, and it’s about a gang of young-kid muggers – is that a word? (Note: Insert “Yes, it is” from off-mic Dad.) Anyways, the kids are trying to mug this lady, when they get caught in the start of an alien attack. They kill the first alien that attacks them, but they find themselves being chased by the other aliens, and they’re bigger and way meaner. They run back to their apartment building in “the block” to hide out. The rest of the movie has the gang, along with the lady they tried to rob, fighting to stay alive.

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Cinemacabre, Daddy's Little Monster

Daddy’s Little Monster: The Return of the Living Dead

on March 15, 2011 | 5 Comments

To quote Sara Lee, “Some people don’t like some things, but nobody doesn’t like… brain-eating zombies!” Alright, not word for word, but zombies have always been a popular horror staple, especially in our household. From Romero’s series to Shaun of the Dead, right up to the recent TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, the “deceased and mobile” have been a regular fixture in Emma’s “education”. That’s why, for our next film, I decided we should fill in one of the crucial blanks in her zombie repertoire: Dan O’Bannon’s cult classic horror-comedy, The Return of the Living Dead.

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Cryptic Collectibles


on August 24, 2010 | 3 Comments

Five years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Heather Gillies at the Festival of Fear. The Ontario artist’s collection of cute but creepy clown dolls was bizarre, but I had to have one. Now she’s back in the Artist Alley, peddling her wicked wares.

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