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“Zelda” makes a comeback with Serial Resin Co. and Distinctive Dummies

Saturday, June 22, 2019 | Collectibles

Stephen King has a way of making his images stick in your brain forever. Case in point: when one of his most frightening novels was turned into a film in 1989, one character fueled many nightmares and became a fan favourite. Yes I’m talking about Zelda Goldman (played by Andrew Hubatsek).

Director Mary Lambert auditioned many girls for the role of the teenager with a body ravaged by spinal meningitis, before coming to the conclusion that a man in the role would make it all the more unnerving. Hubastsek was cast and the rest is horror history. Now Serial Resin Co. and Distinctive Dummies have teamed up to bring this cult character to life again.

The figure itself it made in the style of retro “Mego” style and stands 5 inches tall with a drab green nightgown. Each individual figure includes a sculpted head that uncannily resembles Zelda. Also included are a pair of alternate hands and a figure stand. Limited to 50 figures, each Zelda is professionally packaged in a transparent clamshell case with included custom cardback with illustrations by artist Ron Gearing, which highlight Zelda’s creepiness in full effect (these cardbacks are numbered 1 to 50).

Relive the nightmare in monstrous Mego style, now available at the cost of $65 USD (shipping cost not included). Head over to both individual company websites and see what they are exhuming or follow them on social media.

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