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You’ll go gaga for Graham Humphreys’ “ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES” Blu-ray art

Thursday, May 3, 2018 | Blu-ray/DVD, News


Famed British horror artist Graham Humphreys has done the cover honors for the UK Blu-ray release of the over-the-top horror/comedy ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES. Check it out after the jump.

Directed by Dominic Brunt and scripted by Paul Shrimpton, ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES will be released on a numbered (1,000 copies) limited-edition Blu-ray with the Humphreys slipcase, as well as a regular Blu-ray, DVD and digital download by Nucleus Films June 11. The film stars Sally Dexter, Charlie Chuck, Kate Coogan, Joanne Mitchell, Andrew Dunn, Kurtis Lowe, Mica Proctor and THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2’s Laurence R. Harvey. The synopsis: “The aftermath of a shocking home invasion forces three frightened family members to break into a remote country manor and steal top-secret documents. Little do they know the stately pile is also the clandestine venue where a group of high-powered elderly men go to take refuge from the stresses and strains of daily life by dressing up in nappies and having a bevy of beautiful nurses indulging their every perverse nursery whim. Nor do they realize this grotesque assembly is compelled to refuel the world’s economy by very sinister, sick and monstrous means.”

Disc extras include a making-of featurette and short films by Brunt. Nucleus co-director Jake West says of the Humphreys-illustrated edition, “In a time where it’s increasingly difficult to release truly independent movies in physical formats, this is a real treat for film fans. As a movie collector myself, who enjoyed the thrills of the ‘video nasty’ era, I loved the ritual of browsing through the racks and taking a chance on something because the cover art and title caught my eye. We wanted to recreate the thrill of that era, and what better artist could we ask to do that than Graham Humphreys—and what better film could there be than Dominic Brunt’s outrageous ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES!”

“It’s always daunting working on an image with multiple elements,” Humphreys says, “as a busy layout can be visually confusing. However, by focusing on key characters and using a carefully considered color palette, I hope I’ve managed some level of visual restraint. I’ve intentionally used ‘baby’ colors, pinks and pale blues; these contrast well with the dark red blood, capturing the creepy mix of the infantile and adult horrors.”

Check out the ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES trailer below, and pre-order the disc at

Michael Gingold
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