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Will You Survive The “Deadly Night”? PC Game Releases September 2

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 | Games

As the secrets unravel, Carol finds herself entangled in a long, DEADLY NIGHT! Can she escape from a hellish nightmare or will she die trying?

DEADLY NIGHT is a slasher-inspired, stealth-driven, Grindhouse-style, first-person horror game. Featuring low poly, PS1 style visuals; prepare to feel helpless as you are stalked by a relentless killer with insatiable bloodlust!

Alone and afraid in a remote roadside motel; leered at and lusted after by fiends and weirdos – but this is just the beginning of the terror. No one is safe, and soon, everyone is going to die unless you can avoid and outwit your bloodthirsty pursuer!

Abducted from one hell and dropped into another for a bloody game of cat-and-mouse, will you prove to be resourceful enough to escape with your life? OR will you run into the arms of your murderous stalker for a violent, grisly, gory end to this waking nightmare? Not for the weak of heart; prepare for slaughter, debauchery, nudity, and horror on this DEADLY NIGHT!

The first full-length title from Cubyte Games – the solo developer behind NIGHT GUARD and La Compana, is now taking his deranged vision to the next level of terror.

Use your wits to stay one step ahead of the killer; hide in closets, under beds, cabinets; whatever you must do to survive!
Slasher-inspired gameplay; even if you do not see the killer, the killer is always hunting for you, and WILL find you!
Cinematic experience encouraging replayability with multiple endings. Can you save everyone? OR will you choose to kill them all?
Sleep with the lights on after encounters with a killer in an abandoned ramshackle home, desolate farmland, and a maze-like forest
Maneuver through and uncover secrets in the nightmare-scapes of a traumatized mind; these scorched earth memories and hallucinations will become your own!
Gamepad support, just plug & play!

Developers:  Cubyte Games
Publisher:  Torture Star Video
Release Date: September 2
Platform:  PC
Steam: Steam Page (Goes live 6-23 9pm EST)


Grace Detwiler
Grace Detwiler (@finalgirlgrace) is a freelance film journalist and law student. Her original work can be found on her blog, FinalGirlGrace, as well as in Rue Morgue's print and online publications.