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Wake Up To Xenomorph Acid And Excitement With these Resin “Alien” reliefs!

Friday, December 7, 2018 | News

Cthulhugizzard Customs which specializes in resin horror collectibles has once again upped their game. Hot out of the casting comes CTHULHUGIZZARD CUSTOMS ALIEN XENOMORPH THE QUEENS HANDMAIDEN RELIEF SPECIAL EDITIONS. These exquisite pressure cast resin Aliens spit pure enjoyment to every collector they come across!

The 1/4 scale resin Alien measure 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide and 3 inches deep. The creatures are also part of Cthulhugizzard Customs 31 heads of Halloween sculpting relief challenge sculpts of 2018.

“I had a happy accident with the he first casting of the Alien I poured,” explains Mike. “I was almost out of resin and I used what I had left which was not the proper mix ratio , but I was too impatient to wait for more resin to arrive so I poured it any way and instead of the resin turning opaque white line it should have it hardened semi-translucent. I liked the look so much I ordered translucent resin and color tints to try and duplicate the color of the happy accident casting, and that lead to me making Clear Translucent Amber, Green, Red,
Purple, brown, Dark Blue/ Green. And flat black and flat Leather color variants”.

 Available in too many colours to mention, you can find these highly-detailed Xenomorphs in Acid Blood Green glow, Translucent color variant, Blood Red Translucent color variant, Flat Leather Translucent color variant, Dark Purple Translucent color variant and more on the Cthulhugizzard Customs Etsy page. Each sculpt that is available is based off the mind and talented hands of Mike Swisstack, owner and operator of Cthulhugizzard. Every hand crafted resin casting that is pulled will be unlike all the others available (colours may vary depending on lighting and the surface may vary from glossy to flat, this is all part of a unpainted resin casting).

If you, like your own collectible Xenomorph for the holidays and haven’t seen the colour offered which fits into your horror collectibles, message Mike Swisstack on his Etsy page or Facebook.
Price ranges depending on style and coloured used from $37 CDN to $47 CDN

Cthulhugizzard Customs Esty Webpage
Cthulhugizzard Customs Facebook

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