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VS: Is subtitling always preferable to dubbing?

Thursday, March 8, 2018 | Poll

The practice of dubbing films has long been a contentious one. In our ongoing efforts to bring clarity to issues near and dear to horror fans’ hearts (and to enjoy a good bout of words), we’ve pitted two fans to enter the ring and duke it out…
Is subtitling always preferable to dubbing foreign-language horror films?
In the first corner, ADAM CLARKE argues that Yes, since “filmmakers go to great care to create these soundscapes and they’re critically important to the overall mood of the film.”
BENOIT BLACK, however, counters with No, stating that “if it can be shown that a movie is more entertaining in its dubbed form than it is in its original language, who is anyone to argue?”
Read both arguments in their entirety in the latest issue of RUE MORGUE #181, now available and cast your vote below!
The winner will be declared in the May/Jun issue of RUE MORGUE (#182), on stands everywhere May 1, 2018!
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