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“Vintage Geek” By Marshall Julius Is The One Quiz Book To Rule Them All

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 | Review


First published in 2019 by September Publishing
Copyright © Marshall Julius 2019

As long as I can remember, I always wanted to find out more about movies besides just viewing them; discovering new and exciting details is something I still look forward to. When I heard that there is a new quiz book entitled VINTAGE GEEK: THE QUIZ BOOK coming out from author Marshall Julius, I was very intrigued. Julius, a self-confessed veteran nerd, is a film critic, blogger, broadcaster, quizmaster and collector of nerdful things. From a very young age Julius was enamored with films, TV shows and all things “pop” culture. Sharing fond memories of watching movies with his “mum,” Julius recounts how she would share endless invigorating information about the cast and stories from their lives. This was the spark that lit the infinite flame and thirst for “geek” knowledge that burns bright within the heart of Marshall Julius.

This book contains quiz questions for everyone, varying from entry level to hardcore fanatics, and covers many different genres of film and television from the James Bond films to Ray Harryhausen’s Creature Features. Before each section of questions there are introductions filled with tidbits from the author, including touching personal stories and photos, allowing readers to get acquainted with the upcoming material. Before the “John Carpenter’s Apocalypse trilogy” section, Marshall gives details about these particular films, comforts the reader regarding this end-of-the-world trilogy and uses quotes from Carpenter himself. Look for “Guest star” writers, artists, musicians, actors and filmmakers adding their own stamp of questions to each section like Tom Savini in the George A. Romero section.

“I’ve always felt that to completely grow up, to turn your back on the things that once meant the most to you, would be the most terrible betrayal of the child you once were.”

The in-depth Answers portion of the book gives factual information with hours of research to back up said answer. This book is a result of many hours of researching source material to find the right questions to fit into this book, Julius explains his countless efforts, “It’s been a significant voyage of discovery for me, and I’ve loved the process, although walking around with a head swirling with facts and figures makes it pretty much impossible to focus on anything in the real world.”

Book By Marshall Julius

VINTAGE GEEK: THE QUIZ BOOK has something for the young and old nerd inside us all. Marshall Julius reflects his love for movies and films through the careful selection and research of the questions in the book. In this love letter to and for the fans, Julius’s blood, sweat, tears and lifelong healthy obsession with learning everything there is to know about the “geek” inside us all is put forth on each page in the form of questions and answers.
Trying to add to the things he loved as a child, and not turning his back on it, Julius is expanding and sharing this “geekiness” within the world — and the world is better for it. This book is for anyone who has ever enjoyed a film or television show and if there is one book you buy this year, make sure it’s VINTAGE GEEK: THE QUIZ BOOK. Once opened, you won’t be able to put it down.  5 caskets out of 5 caskets

The book is available in Paperback and Kindle editions at September Publishing  and Amazon. For more information on Marshall Julius follow him on Twitter.

“My hope for this book is that while, yes, I expect you’ll be able
to answer many of the questions, several, I think, will take you by

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