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VIDEO GAME NEWS: Stalk the Cornfields in “HARVEST HUNT”

Monday, June 3, 2024 | Games


Indie developer Villainous Games Studio is no stranger to creating immersive horror experiences for the PC gamer. Their debut title, Horror Stories: Please Comply was an abbreviated exercise in blood-curdling terror, and their forthcoming Horror Stories: Welcome Home looks to further the small, U.K. based team’s dedication to shifting angles and perspectives for those on the prowl for a good scare. The recently released HARVEST HUNT does just that, by blending elements of traditional roguelikes with the one-against-all despair of survival horror.

From the press release:

You have been chosen. As darkness falls over the cursed village of Luna Nova, you will embrace the role of the Warden, tasked with protecting the village from the malevolent forces threatening the survival of the few remaining villagers. Condemned to survive on Ambrosia, it is up to you to gather the harvest or starve. But beware, the Devourer stalks your every footstep.

Reap the harvest, end the hunt.

In HARVEST HUNT, strategy meets suspense in a chilling blend of tactical gameplay and lore-driven horror. Players will craft their arsenal using the mystical card deck, facing nightly horrors and unravelling the mysteries surrounding Luna Nova’s ancient curse. Each decision impacts the survival of the village, making every playthrough a unique, heart-pounding experience.

Features include:

  • Chilling Gameplay – Submerge yourself in a realm where horror, survival, and strategy intertwine, set against a backdrop of hauntingly beautiful, hand-drawn environments.
  • Captivating Storyline – Delve into a narrative steeped in European folklore, a tapestry of terror woven by the diverse and culturally rich minds behind Harvest Hunt’s creation.
  • Darker and Deeper – Five nights of survival await. Each Warden bears their own cross, each haunting tale unfolding over five relentless nights, tied inexorably to the malevolent curse that suffocates Luna Nova. Discover their stories, exploit their strengths.
  • Endless Replayability – Experience the enigmatic ‘Whispers’ system, tarot-inspired and endlessly varied. Each cycle brings hundreds of gameplay permutations, ensuring no two journeys of the Warden are ever alike, each one a harrowing odyssey into the heart of fear.

“We are over the moon to finally be able to invite players to the farmlands of Luna Nova and don the mask of the Warden,” said Mark Drew of Villainous Games Studios. “This has been a labour of love from the team at Villainous Games Studio and we look forward to watching people play and hearing their feedback.”

HARVEST HUNT is available for purchase on Steam. 



Kevin Hoover
Ever since watching CREEPSHOW as a child, Kevin Hoover has spent a lifetime addicted to horror (and terrified of cockroaches). He wholeheartedly believes in the concept of reanimating the dead if only we’d give it the old college try, and thinks FRIDAY THE 13th PART V is the best in the franchise. Aside from writing “Cryptid Cinema Chronicles” for Rue Morgue, he’s been a working copywriter for over a decade and you’ve probably bought something with his words on it. He also believes even the worst movie can be improved with buckets of gore.