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Video Game News: “SLENDER: THE ARRIVAL” Remaster Available on October 18th

Monday, September 11, 2023 | Games


The Slender Man may have seen his fifteen minutes come and go, but an immeasurable amount of content will always exist for anyone interested in exploring the interwebs’ once-supreme creepypasta. Amidst a catalog of books, movies, YouTube videos and fanfiction, a number of video games crept onto game systems and mobile devices, and on October 18, SLENDER: THE ARRIVAL will celebrate ten years with a remaster for modern consoles.

It’s been 10 years since the original launch and we’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to improve and add to the game,” explains Alex Tintor, Blue Isle Studios’ co-founder and lead designer. “There are many more Slender Man stories to tell, and we cannot wait to deliver on these experiences.”

Some critics panned the game’s overreliance on jump scares, but gamers weren’t dissuaded. Instead, they were lured in by the promise of a constant influx of thrills packed into a relatively short gaming experience. Now, a decade after its release across nearly every platform in existence at the time, Blue Isle Studios is leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5 to ramp their atmospheric horror up to previously unattainable degrees.

Aside from graphical enhancements to the base game, the dev also promises a new chapter that furthers the narrative. Gamers who pre-order will be treated to a free copy of 2016’s sci-fi God simulator Valley, and there’s a fun twist for those who play via Steam – the option to switch between the old and new versions of the game. Previously purchased copies of the original game on Steam will be treated to a free upgrade to the new edition of SLENDER: THE ARRIVAL upon release; Everyone else can pick it up for $19.99 USD.

Kevin Hoover
Ever since watching CREEPSHOW as a child, Kevin Hoover has spent a lifetime addicted to horror (and terrified of cockroaches). He wholeheartedly believes in the concept of reanimating the dead if only we’d give it the old college try, and thinks FRIDAY THE 13th PART V is the best in the franchise. Aside from writing “Cryptid Cinema Chronicles” for Rue Morgue, he’s been a working copywriter for over a decade and you’ve probably bought something with his words on it. He also believes even the worst movie can be improved with buckets of gore.