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Vicky Clerici Unveils The Mysteries Of Mask Making

Sunday, September 27, 2020 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Vicky Clerici (A.K.A MakeupBilly) is a mask, apparel, and FX makeup talent out of Montreal, Canada, whose huge passion for all things horror helped pave the path she now walks. Collecting masks drove Clerici to start developing her own line, the kind that she would want to buy for herself, she asserts, if she weren’t making them. Combining top of the line materials and a personal touch, she makes each mask by hand from start to finish, sharing behind the scenes videos of the whole process online. Making each mask takes a considerable amount of time (with custom pieces taking up to a month or more depending on how detailed and intricate the design), but Clerici enjoys collaborating with fans and other artists in her creations.

Here are just a few pieces that are available right now on the Official MakeUpBilly webstore.

Bloody Mary V2 – This is an original design based off the urban legend. It is a half mask that is completely adjustable $50 USD (plus shipping)


The “Bunnyman” mask is based off the urban legend of the bunny man. $50 USD (plus shipping)


“Split” is an original design- Full over the head Originally designed mask. Hand Stitched and painted with high quality studio paints. $150 USD (plus shipping).


Follow all of Vicky Clerici’s adventures in mask making on Facebook, or delve even deeper by joining her Patron to see all the exclusive footage and fun!

Chris Hammond
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