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Usher in a Summer of Psychic Children with “RUE MORGUE #206 May/Jun 2022” Issue

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 | News

RUE MORGUE ushers in a summer of psychic children with a look at THE INNOCENTS, an extreme fairytale from Norway, along with the fiery reboot of Stephen King’s best-selling novel FIRESTARTER, and a handy guide to the horror genre’s most notable psychic children! (RUE MORGUE #206 May/Jun 2022 issue)

Plus! Richmond’s EDGAR ALLAN POE MUSEUM expands its collection of rare manuscripts, coffin fragments and more; WILD EYE RELEASING‘s  outrageous brand of Z- horror and sci-fi cinema; stop-motion mastermind PHIL TIPPETT unveils MAD GOD, the magnum opus that has taken him two decades to craft; Chloe Okuno’s WATCHER; THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE (2015); Bowen digs up ATTACK OF THE EYE CREATURES (1967); a reappraisal of THE PHANTOM OF THE MONASTERY (1933); Eric Palicki’s BLACK MYTH Volume One; Chris Kelso and David Leo Rice’s CHILDREN OF THE NEW FLESH; the heavy metal hellscapes of DAVID PAUL SEYMOUR; MAC SABBATH‘s Drive Thru Metal; debate: Who gave the best cinematic portrayal of the Devil?

All this and the latest film, book, comic book, music, game and toy releases!

Features original cover art by MATTHEW THERRIEN!



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