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Wednesday, September 26, 2018 | Games

USAopoly (Hasbro) has recently released a horror enthusiast’s dream game in TRIVIAL PRUSUIT: HORROR MOVIE EDITION. Now friends can test their scream screen knowledge and determine who the ultimate horror movie trivia god is. Featuring 600 questions spanning a 100 years of horror movie genres, questions run the gambit from Monster, Gore/Disturbing, Psychological, Paranormal, Killer and international topics. The game is made for fans of every genre, from casual to hardcore, although even the most seasoned viewers will be left scratching their heads to try to recount names of characters, towns and much more.

TRIVIAL PRUSUIT: HORROR MOVIE EDITION is created for up to 2-4 players (ages 17 and up), and includes 100 question cards, custom die, rules and wedge case (to store cards and die). The object of this game is to be the first player to really know his/her horror trivia and collect six cards. Players roll the die to decide the category from which question they must answer, one of the other players reads the corresponding question to a die roll; if the player answers the question incorrectly, they must then roll again and answer a “wedge” question correctly to score the card towards their goal of 6. If the person answers correctly and scores a card they keep on rolling and answering until a wrong answer is given. Trivia Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition can also be played in a “speed version” where you can score a card on every right answer after the roll of the die.

TRIVIAL PRUSUIT: HORROR MOVIE EDITION is very compact and perfect for a movie night gathering. With Halloween season fast approaching, this game is a welcome addition to those nights when the witching hour calls.
Price: $19.95 USD

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