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Monday, September 19, 2022 | News

Jack Ayer’s killer gorilla feature THE RISE OF THE BEAST,  starring starring Arthur Boan, Sarah T. Cohen, Sian Altman, George Nettleton, Heather Jackson, Rob Kirtley, and Pete Jeffries, has been acquired by Uncork’d Entertainment for a December release. Produced by Proportion Productions (The Candy Witch), RISE OF THE BEAST is equal parts creature horror and action flick.

A group of activists break into a corporate facility they know unsolicited animal testing has been taking place. They discover unimaginable horrors, but don’t realize until they’re captured the true extent of what it is they’ve been experimenting with. In a race against time to survive, they must escape friend, foe, and beast if they mean to get out alive and expose this to the world. Watch out for the beast!

“A killer gorilla! Action-packed thrills! Great special effects! The Rise of the Beast really does have it all.” said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “Congo meets Predator in one very fun and frightening winter release.” Look out in December for this horrifying flick!


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