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Treat yourself to ROCKTHEDEAD CO.’s Trio Of Terrifying Enamel Pins

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 | Collectibles

ROCKTHEDEAD CO., featured earlier here, has sent over three different horror-themed enamel pin designs from a trio of artists including Mr. 8 Legz, Justin Parker and Don Bigda a.k.a. Dom Victor.

$8 USD + shipping (any design)

This time the trio sit back and let artist Pleatheface (Ted Brown) design a “striking” homage to Sam from the cult film Trick ‘R’ Treat. STRIKING SAM stands 1.5 inches and is available in different designs: soft enamel, with the option black dyed metal or black nickel metal plating, or glow enamel, with the option of black dyed metal or black nickel metal plating. This burlap sacked creeper is a double posted pinback with a MixedEraMedia Back stamp.

$8 USD + shipping (any design)

Mr. 8 Legz takes his turn at designing the classic horror television host the Crypt Keeper in his visionary pattern called STORIES OF THE MAUSOLEUM. The 2 inch, double posted pin back decaying keeper, stands upon a pile of skulls, with his arm outstretched, beckoning you to read from the ancient book he is holding. This particular design is a numbered release and two different variants (soft enamel + glow variant), with all pins having a MixedEraMedia Back stamp.

Each individual set $16 USD or purchase all three sets (6 pins) for $39.99 + shipping

Finally, Dom Victor closes out the enamel pin trio with something completely different than the rest with his COMEDY AND TRAGEDY- JOKER 2 PIN SET. Dom explores the two sides of this intriguing character, in the set that features the likeness of Joaquin Phoenix in full clown costume as Arthur Fleck / Joker from the upcoming JOKER film, which is coming out October 4, 2019. Discover the dual personalities which are split into two pins, with three variant options (soft enamel, glow in the dark and limited to 10 available hard enamel). The electro black plated, double posted pinback pins measure 1.5 inch and 1.25 inch). These twio millimeter thick pins are back stamped with the ROCKTHEDEAD CO. name.
Check out all the designs this company and artists release and follow along on Social Media for announcements and discount codes.


Justin Parker (horrible home video)
Mr.8 Legz (Threadless shop)

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