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Toylaxy Shows Love For Frankenstein’s Monster

Monday, January 8, 2018 | Exclusive

Frankenstein has been adapted many times with many different versions of the “monster”. Some have him looking slow, stiff as if his boots are filled with dry cement (I’m not even going get into Aaron Eckhart’s “Adam” rendition), while others prefer a more agile look. But leave it to the team over at TOYLAXY, who have come with an exciting and original concept for their Frankenstein release from their new “Monster” line called “FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER LOVE”. This Polystone monster is reinvented with fun in the forefront, mixing many styles from steam punk to cartoon gothic that meld together to bring forth one truly wicked monster.

“The first idea of making this Frankenstein was to make it cool in the way that people haven’t seen before” says the Bangkok-based company’s Digital Art Director.

Toylaxy has not only designed a statue that is economical and made with space restrictions in mind, they’ve also made a statue that tells a story of love. With his soon to be bride’s Casket in hand, the monster shows he will do anything for the woman of his screams. 

“This Frankenstein is all about LOVE,” agrees Managing Director: Mike Tinmanee, hence the name. “The story is he digs his soon to be wife grave then pick her up and will destroy anyone who comes in his way. The fun part is we really don’t know if the wife is happy or not, so we let audience to decide by giving two hands (Love You and Fuck You).”

TOYLAXY prides itself on providing the best handmade resin sculptures by artists with a unique style all of their own. Their “Monster” line will expand to include even more classic creations such as THE MUMMY, THE CREATURE, and the werewolf – all coming very soon. 

Expect sizes not to exceed 40 cm in height so you can show it everywhere without worrying about space. Check the official TOYLAXY website or Facebook page mid-January and you will be able to order these made to order statues for 15 days, after that the pre-order will be closed and the statue production will be closed (never to be made again).

Two Bride’s Hands ( Love You and Fuck You )
Two Frankenstein’s Heads (Normal and See The Love Brain Head )
Art Work Print
Second Head Stand

Size & Weight:
Product Size: 27 cm x 15 cm
Est. Product Weight : 3 KG

Coloured: 7600 THB ($232 USD )
Kit ( Un-Painted) 7100 THB ($217 USD )
(Each statue will have its own code and numbered that can be registered on their website)

Chris Hammond
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