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Todd Carolan Resurrects Resin Into Monstrous Art

Sunday, April 29, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

TODD CAROLAN, owner and operator of THUMBPRINT SCULPTURE STUDIO out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has some serious sculpting skills. His artistry was first discovered when he was still a child; when other kids were colouring their books, he preferred to unlock his imagination and draw. His parents nurtured this love of art by constantly bringing him to the library where he rushed to check out books in the art section, later moving into the cryptozoology section.

Horror movies also influenced Carolan as a child. He recounts watching genre films on cable television for the first time: “As a child, we had the three basic big TV channels plus two locals,” he says. “There I saw Willard and Ben. Great movies, plus Blood Feast. Jaws also scared the heck out of me as well.”

Carolan started sculpting a decade ago when he stumbled upon a forum where other sculptors shared knowledge with each other, and credits it with teaching him about his craft. His work usually stays within the horror realm, saying “I like it when people are disturbed… and everyone likes a cool skull”.

One interesting sculpture that will catch collectors’ eyes is named Warlord, a zombified Pope, which people often mistake for “Papa Emeritus” of the band Ghost. On the musical side, Carolan prefers to create renditions of Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie. He is also partial to Alex DeLarge  from A Clockwork Orange and Pumpkinhead, though he also leaves room for original characters that escape from his own mind. These include Minister of Justice, Warlord, and Tortus (pictured below left to right).

To check out all of Todd Carolan’s creations or inquire about any purchases please get in touch with him through Facebook 

Chris Hammond
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