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Time is Running Out to Back the “Atmosfear: 30th Anniversary Edition Board Game”

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 | Crowdfunding

Having blown past its fundraising goal, Atmosfear: 30th Anniversary Edition  is winding down its Kickstarter campaign with perks and stretch goals aplenty! 

This edition not only pays homage to the origins of this unique video-meets-boardgame experience, it also expands on the original with deluxe game play extras and new custom pieces made especially for the campaign. This isn’t merely a carbon copy of the original game from 30 years ago, the team behind this edition are refining and improving the original with new playing pieces, extra cards, and an all-new Baron Samedi expansion.

Don’t miss out maggots, the campaign ends December 13th, 2021!

Visit the official Kickstarter page for more details.

Rocco T. Thompson
Rue Morgue's Online Managing Editor, Rocco is a Rondo-nominated film journalist and avid devotee of all things weird and outrageous. He penned the cover story for Rue Morgue's landmark July/Aug 2019 "Queer Fear" Special Issue, and is an associate producer on In Search of Darkness: Part III, the latest installment in CreatorVC's popular 1980s horror documentary series.