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Threezero Takes Aim With Its “Walking Dead Daryl Dixon 1/6 Scale Figure”

Thursday, August 23, 2018 | Review

Daryl Dixon as played by Norman Reedus is unquestionably one of the more interesting characters in THE WALKING DEAD due to the fact that he didn’t have a built in backstory from the graphic novels. He is Rick Grimes’ right hand man and one hell of a tracker. His particular weapon of choice is using various crossbows, bolts and hunting knives.

Threezero takes aim at the collector market with their DARYL DIXON SIXTH SCALE COLLECTIBLE ACTION FIGURE (available in the Threezero store in exclusive and regular editions).The figure comes nicely packaged in the always quality  box covered with the likeness of Norman Reedus and an exclusive Threezero sticker stamp. The Daryl Dixon figure incorporates multiple points of articulation and stands 12 inches tall.

Opening the hidden window box reveals the well weathered and grimy looking figure. Threezero obviously took the time to make this wardrobe look as realistic as possible, the tiniest misstep is the angel wings on the back of the faux leather vest (which actually buttons up) – they are a little too clean and don’t match the rest of Daryl’s dirty zombie apocalyptic clothing (torn sleeveless shirt with real buttons, weathered jeans, dirty worn in boots). This exclusive set includes an extra black long sleeve shirt and an exclusive bolt carrier.

Accessories include a poncho (worn early on in the series), crossbow with detachable bolts that can actually be loaded and shot though not a danger of taking anyone’s eye out, hunting knife, pistol (with detachable magazine), red rag (which Daryl carries hanging out of his back pant pocket), and finally six pairs of hands (relaxed and gripped for holding various weapons or items).

Daryl’s head sculpt is an extremely good likeness of Norman Reddus with layered hair and impressive stubble. The head sculpt looks great from every angle, but – nitpick alert – could maybe have benefited from a little more definition in the cheek bone area.

Collectors will notice bruises and scars on the figure’s articulated PVC covered arms really help to give this Daryl a very realistic look. The one thing missing are any scars or bruises on the figure’s back, but who would ever think of showing off Daryl without a shirt? There is a large belt around the waist of the pants that also incorporates a material knife sheath. The dirty torn jeans house that red rag mentioned earlier and this all leads down to the brown boots. The exclusive shirt with this character fits perfect and looks great with Daryl’s vest. These alternate clothing options add much more value to this particular character.

Threezero has really stepped up their line of WALKING DEAD figures with their latest two releases, Daryl and Negan. Both have been vastly improved better fitting wardrobe and near perfect head sculpts compared to earlier figure releases of different characters.

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