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Threezero Says Hello To Lucille With Its “Walking Dead 1/6 Scale Negan Figure”

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 | Review

Ever since Negan was introduced to viewers of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, the character has become the main antagonist. And unlike earlier more sinister antagonists such as the Governor (Season 3’s evil death dealer), Negan has is as charismatic as he is brutal.

ThreeZero heads off the love with their NEGAN SIXTH SCALE COLLECTIBLE ACTION FIGURE that will go to bat for you (or on you if you cross him). The figure comes fit into a standard Threezero AMC’s The Walking Dead figure box, which is covered with pictures of actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s likeness. The figure itself has mutiple points of articulation (which leads to countless poses) and stands 12 inches tall.

Inside the box you’ll find numerous accessories, including two Lucille baseball bats, one plastic with wood finish and covered in barbwire and the other wood cast with do-it-yourself iron wire. Next, we have a hatchet, a colt 1911 pistol with removable magazine (this is always a nice touch to bring a little more reality to the figure), a marker pen and seven interchangeable hands (gloved and ungloved) in relaxed and gripped poses as to hold various accessories. All the gloved hands are painted and do not actually sport a material glove (it would have been nice to have at least one hand with a material glove but this was probably nixed as to save money for more important parts of the wardrobe).


From head to toe here’s the rundown on the figure: Threezero has almost always hit high notes with its sculpts of the characters they are trying to recreate and Negan is no different. The likeness to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty dead on with his thousand mile stare on this intense mustached madman (more on the facial hair in a second). The one minor thing that could have gotten more attention is the grey stubble beard; it shows up on certain angles but isn’t as noticeable from others and occasionally looks as though Negan is preparing to play Magnum PI.

Moving on down the red material scarf that wraps around the neck works its way underneath the faux leather jacket that has a multitude of functional belts and zippers. This material jacket really complements the head sculpt well and are both the highpoints on this particular figure. Under the jacket, Negan is wearing a long-sleeved white shirt (it should at least have some dirt on it one would think). Moving closer towards the bottom are two functioning belts around the waist (one being a brown gun belt and the other being a black pant belt). Finally, we’ve reached the grey tailored pants tucked into Negan’s biker boots. Both pants and boots match the on screen wardrobe pretty well and don’t look to be oversized for the figure’s body.

Negan, like him or hate him is a very important part of The Walking Dead universe and Threezero has made a figure that really embodies everything that the Television Negan is in a pretty close to perfect figure.

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