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Threezero resurrects The Curse Of Michael Myers

Friday, October 6, 2017 | Collectibles

Halloween is fast approaching and, with news of a new HALLOWEEN movie on the horizon, things are starting to look up for MICHAEL MYERS. SIDESHOW and THREEZERO have teamed up to bring one big treat this year with their release of fully licensed THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS Sixth Scale figure. This highly collectible figure features a beautifully detailed mask sculpt, blood soaked tailored coveralls, rooted hair and of course a bloody kitchen knife.The figure stands an impressive 12.5 inches tall and comes packaged in an amazingly stylized box that THREEZERO has become known for.  Michael is of course based on the sixth film in the series and looks every bit a menacing as he does on celluloid.

Articulation gives Michael a great deal of movement while keeping restrictions to a minimum. The bloodstained coveralls look as though they’ve been worn for years without being cleaned and has one functional pocket and one zipper which is also operational. I looked under the coveralls and found that Michael wears a black t-shirt underneath. The Shape also wears weathered faux leather boots, with the THREEZERO logo stamped on the bottom of one of them – nice touch.

The mask on this version of the character matches the one worn on screen. I have to admit, I was a little worried from the early prototype pictures, but can say those worries disappeared once figure was in hand. The hair looks much better up close and don’t stare into those eyes for too long… evil emanates in any pose.

The figure comes with two sets of burnt, bloodied and brutalized snap on hands (two gripped and two in a relaxed pose). Accessories include two large kitchen knives,one bloodied and one not (the blades are made out of a metal material), an axe. One thing that is lacking is a stand for the figure, although posing or having his stand shouldn’t be any problem at all.

The fact that THREEZERO is attempting different types of characters from many different genres is an exciting thing. They have their AMC THE WALKING DEAD line, recently released exquisite HELLRAISER 3 PINHEAD ,HALLOWEEN’S MICHAEL MYERS and I’ve just gotten the word that good old LEATHERFACE will be joining the line up. Who knows what the future holds for THREEZERO but I’m hoping it’s a path paved in many more on screen horror icons and maybe even creatures!

Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers is priced at $150 (USD) and is available through a waiting list on Sideshows’s website (Updated October 4,2017, this item is currently listed as out of stock ) or alternately purchase from BigBadToyStore at $139.99 (USD) plus shipping.

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