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This “Friday The 13th Props Museum” hardcover book showcases the ultimate collection

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 | Books, Collectibles

Private collector Mario Kirner, a collector of irreplaceable Friday the 13th props, scripts, and other pieces of historical value, has just released his FRIDAY THE 13TH PROP MUSEUM HARDCOVER  BOOK. For more than 15 years now, Kirner has been amassing some of the most impressive franchise collectibles in a private non-profit collection and has decided to share them in this new book.

Kirner’s passion is a manifestation of all the dedicated individuals behind the camera (designers, fabricators and artisans) who use their unique artistry in their creation of props used to bring Jason Voorhees to life on the big screen. This 150 page book is a work full of insight, knowledge and some trivia for the reader, but it is also a way of preserving a bit of horror film history. With Forewords from fellow Friday the 13th enthusiasts Jason Parker ( and Peter M. Bracke (Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th),  Kirner takes you on an informative adventure through the proper way to display and acquire authentic movie props and also on a visual journey through the life and passion of a curator of Friday the 13th artifacts, such as masks, costumes, and countless machetes.

Each page of this book reveals a cornucopia of information including makeup artist quotes, trivia and more. Kirner shares his substantial insight into the production and props for each film starting with Friday the 13th Part VI and progressing all the way through up to the 2009 New Line Cinema/ Platinum Dunes remake. Much of this detailed and informative material comes from countless hours, days or years of research. Beautiful high-resolution pictures of the collection splash across well-constructed and laid out sturdy pages, even incorporating fold out pages for masks, set blueprints and Jason wardrobe. 

Friday the 13th Props Museum the hardcover book is for the collector in everyone: fans of the franchise will relish in all the little know fun facts, such as a knife used on the Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood was also later re-used on Halloween 4:The Return of Michael Myers that was shot in the same year, because the effects company worked on both films. 

View scripts which contain unshot or changed scenes throughout the franchise, and find out why an in costume Kane Hodder (who played Voorhees in many of the film’s installments) received the name “Stinky Voorhees” on-set of one of the films. View storyboards and set blue prints, which aren’t readily available and get enthralled for a couple hours in the fandom of Friday the 13th.

Mario Kirner and the Friday the 13th Prop Museum hard cover book is the culmination of one man’s lifetime love for his favorite film franchise. Take and insider’s view as his years of fandom and research come together nicely in one of the most complete collections of visual Friday the 13th lore so far. Highly recommended, for horror fanatics of all ages, out now (Prices may vary).
A very special thank you goes out to Mario Kirner for the use of pictures in this review.

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