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Things You May Have Missed From Blumhouse’s “Halloween” Trailer

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 | Fan Content

It’s been almost a week since the new HALLOWEEN trailer landed, enough time to soak in what Michael Myer’s return to Haddonfield might look like when it hits theaters later this year. As expected, fan culture is abuzz with activity regarding every nuance contained in those 2 minutes and 48 seconds, and we hereby present some of the more notable things spotted so far…

  • The dog in the prison scene is possibly a reference to Lester the dog in the original film

  • “Wasn’t it her brother who murdered all of those babysitters?” is in reference to the plot point of previous films, where Laurie and Michael were siblings, and makes it clear that this is not the case for the latest installment.

  • Michael tormenting someone in a bathroom seems reminiscent of a similar scene in H20

  • Michael seems to have murdered a gas station employee for his overalls, similarly to the Rob Zombie remake, but more so to Halloween 4

  • Michael walking into a child, with a soundtrack jolt, is a clear reference to a similar scene in Halloween (1978) 

  • The shot where Myers flips his knife over is a reference to H20, where he does something similar

  • The scene where an unknown someone sits, covered in a bedsheet, is a reference to the iconic scene from Halloween (1978) where Michael pretends to be Bob. Whether this is actually Michael beneath the sheets remains to be seen, however.

  • The scene where Michael steps out into the doorway, while not an obvious reference, is reminiscent of the scene in the original where he steps onto the top of the staircase after slashing Laurie’s arm

  • In the shot of the woman sitting on the toilet, look for the symbol of Thorn from Halloween 6 

  • There are two kids wearing white and green masks from Halloween III: Season of the Witch in one quick shot

FUN FACT – The film is set for an October 19th release. October 19th is Michael Myers’s canonical birthday, and is also six days before the 40th anniversary of the Halloween franchise.

If you have any more references you’ve noticed, feel free to drop ’em down below!


Aran Doyle
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