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Monday, October 30, 2017 | Exclusive

We’ve got the fourth and final bonus track from THEY CAME FROM RUE MORGUE 20th Anniversary Horror Synth Compilation!

This week: “THE HEARSE” by DANTE TOMASELLI, a new track written exclusively for the compilation. A statement from the Tomaselli:

“I’ve always been interested in astrology, palm reading and the Tarot. Since the lead character of my next film is a closet psychic who secretly practices magic, I’ve had cards all around me lately. ‘The Hearse’ was supposed to be a track on my upcoming fifth album, Caverns of Hell, but when I heard about this Rue Morgue compilation project I wanted to present something unknown and unreleased.

“For me, whenever I create a song, I imagine a title first and then I colour it in. I have sound-colour synesthesia and mainly feature Moog-like, glacial synth sounds that glow for me. I want the listener to taste colour and touch sound. ‘The Hearse’ felt like an actual Tarot card… not Death – since Death is about change and a new slate. The card that was dancing and flickering in my psyche was The Devil. The song has an aura of sin. Temptation is everywhere and ‘The Hearse’ is a pulsing death mobile. I see the jaws of death chasing, gliding, laughing, coming closer and closer. Then suddenly everything is in slow motion. Colours and sounds are pristine. We’ve arrived. This is the afterlife and there is probably no hope of redemption.

“I sculpted ‘The Hearse’ for about two months and it was created through heavy layering and mixing of synthesizer sounds and tones. I choose a palette and then I paint with my sounds. I edited with Magix sound editing software at my home recording studio in New Jersey. A few of the textures came from a limited edition Morodernova Synthesizer but most everything is a mixture of audio paint from my ever growing electronic sound library. Different bits are actually unused audio effects from my past horror films, sounds I fell in love with but could never find a place to incorporate.”

Listen to “THE HEARSE” by DANTE TOMASELLI below (bonus tracks listed at the end).

THEY CAME FROM RUE MORGUE 20th Anniversary horror synth compilation is only available till Oct 31 at midnight EST.

 Happy Halloween!

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