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The “Toyronto 8” Unleash Their Creations At Fan Expo Canada

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 | News

Toronto will play host to this year’s FanExpo Canada August 30 – September 2 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. A group of 8 up-and-coming extraordinary artists will be in attendance with their own booth and are ready to fill your horror collectible’s void with their own creepy creations.

Joel Countryman AKA Toxic Fumes Toys (who has been featured on the site before here) is back and has a handful of already established resin creations and new pieces ready to head home with you.

MONEY MANTIS sports a tailored suit wearing on the body of a human and elements of a Praying Mantis. He will certainly keep the books of all your other horror figures in check.
Price $40 CDN 

SKULL COMMANDER (pictured above) is tiny in stature but big in evil. With his skull-faced leadership qualities, he’s intent on ruling the world – proof hat bad things come in small packages.
Price $15 CDN

CREATURE TEACHER has taken the summer off and is ready to jump back into the deep end of education. These creatures will be available in various colours and are chalk full of horror goodness up to their gills (yes these teachers have gills and you thought your teachers were weird).
Price $25 CDN

THE CHEF With his blank expression skeleton face, he is always  cooking up something evil in his included accessory pot. Never send back your food to the kitchen when THE CHEF is on duty!
Price $20 CDN
Toxic Fumes Toys Instagram
Toxic Fumes Toys Storenvy

Darth Salesman, a self-proclaimed nerd, tinkerer and tattoo artist will also have two horror related sculptures on hand at the event.

BETTLEJUICE is an impressive hand-painted hollow cast bust of the ghost with the most. Bring him home, but don’t say his name three times!
Price $60 CDN (available in limited quantities)

CAPTAIN SPAULDING NIGHTLIGHT is just the thing to ensure an uncomfortable night of sleep. This hand-painted custom piece is a great gift for those people in your life who hate clowns.
Price $20 CDN
Darth Salesman Instagram

Miaw Comic (Raphaëlle) of Montreal, Quebec creates edgy art projects and brings you into a world of non-sense in all forms (including the horror realm). If you’re looking for a cute and creepy collectible to join your collection look no further.

UGLY HEAD (original sculpture) – This piece is self-explanatory and heavy on the horror. There will only be one of these available at the expo, so if you’d like some ugly head, make sure to get there early.
Price $150 CDN

JIGGLY PUFF HUNTING TROPHY (original sculpture) – This pink cute and cuddly, fuzzy creature must have a horrifying side to him that only the hunter who killed it knows about. Stop by and get ready to show off your Jiggly Puff to your friends, just make sure you do it behind closed doors.
Price $50 CDN (only 1 available)

SPACE WORM – These resin creatures with fuzzy material hair covering their exterior body, seem to be smiling for the camera and showing off all their razor sharp choppers… or are they readying an attack? There are two versions available in limited quantities and colours.
Space worm $25 CDN
Magnet version $12 CDN

OKASHII GHOST (night light + glow in the dark) – These amusing little resin ghosts are exceptionally awesome. With their pure black eyes and dazzling body colours, they are sure to be a hit with horror fans young and old. 
Price $60 CDN (limited quantities and colors available)

Finally, the last horror-related offering from Miaw Comic (Raphaëlle), is the IKIMONO BABY FANTASSIN. These creatures have a sculpted, painted face and stuffed, soft material body (including the elongated tail).  
Price $175 CDN (only 2 available – 1 blue and 1 pink)
Miawcomic Website
Miawcomic Facebook
Miawcomic Instagram
Miawcomic Email

Naomi Knaff who is a toy maker, sculptor, animator and a collector herself creates dazzling resin creatures, that have to be seen to be truly appreciated . She will have one horror offering available at the event.

LAMORRTT is a soft vinyl toy that stands 7 inches tall and has an articulated neck. This piece takes heavy influence from medieval demons. [Designed by Naomi and produced by artist Planet-X Asia]
Price [For Fan Expo only]
Painted $120 CDN
Unpainted (yellow teal or black) $ 80 CDN
Naomi Knaff Website
Naomi Knaff Instagram

The Angry Beast (Adam Schlegel) creates handmade resin figures that usually are one part muscle and one part creature. He will have two figures on hand at the Toyronto booth this weekend. These creatures are entitled XENOLITH and ARBORIST and both incorporate muscled torsos with very creature like hands and heads. Both figures are black in colour and ready to body slam themselves into your collection

The Angry Beast Sales Site

So if your horror cabinet or collection is in serious need of some cool, new and creative pieces from some of Canada’s greatest (unknown) artists, come on down to Toronto’s Fan Expo Canada August 30 – September 2 and stop by the Toyronto table for a chat and possibly grab a creation or two (more of the Toyronto group will be on hand at the Booth).
For tickets and availability go to Fan Expo’s website and collect away
Fan Expo Canada Website

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