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The Rue Crew Sounds Off: “Godzilla vs. Kong”

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 | Opinions

The big day has arrived – GODZILLA VS. KONG is now in theaters nationwide and streaming on HBO Max! Whether you’re #TeamKong or #TeamGodzilla, you can bet that Adam Wingard has given us a smackdown for the ages, and to celebrate the premiere, we asked our beloved RUE MORGUE staff and writers to weigh in on who they’re rooting for in the big fight. Check out their piping hot takes below, and grab your tickets to Warner Bros. and Legendary PicturesGODZILLA VS. KONG today!

“Godzilla has this one in the bag. With Mothra, Rodan, and nearly every other titan in existence under his thumb, he’s got one hell of a gang propping him up. Those kaiju may not make an appearance in GODZILLA VS. KONG, but to know your crew has your back like that? Immense swagger must be flowing through G’s cold-blooded veins. Kong is one clever ape, I’ll give him that. He’s also got a lot of heart and creativity, case in point that axe he’s using in the trailer. Let’s be real, though: Godzilla has atomic breath and he’s been already been through some real shit in these Legendary movies. Kong may get on that level one day, but it’s still too early for this matchup. The spruce simian needs a few more slugfests under his belt.”
Evan Millar, Games Editor

“Kong may be the proverbial 800-lb gorilla, but Godzilla has already bested giant spiders, moths, and even a mechanized version of himself. It’ll be a simian smackdown when these two icons meet!”
Kevin Hoover, Contributor

“Growing up watching all the original Godzilla movies, I have to side with Godzilla. As a fellow monster with a big booty, I felt a connection early on. I wish all the incarnations of Godzilla would have kept that original fat ass. As far as this movie, what I would ideally like to see is this duo team up and destroy everything like the original 1986 Rampage arcade game.”
Mariam Bastani, Operations Manager

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures

“While Kong may be a beautiful, beefy boy with a snarl that just won’t quit, my bets are placed on Godzilla. There’s just something about his atomic breath and glowing personality that captures my vote…and my heart.”
Rachel Reeves, Contributor

“A literal walking nuclear reactor vs a big monkey. If Kong wins it’s not because of his abilities. We all know he would stand absolutely no chance without some clever writing.”
Joshua “Prometheus” Scafidi, Contributor

“I like ’em both but I’ve gotta go with Kong. Between the two he’s got more personality and even with whatever shenanigans they’re doing to beef him up for this movie I think he’s going to be the David to Godzilla’s Goliath. I’m also interested to find out how he got that gnarly ax made out of one of Godzilla’s scales. Ultimately, though, I’m pulling for them to put aside their differences and drink a few ales out of King Gidorah’s skulls.”
Bryan Christopher, Contributor

“It’s been nearly 60 years since these two titans last battled it out on the big screen in King Kong vs. Godzilla. The gargantuan ape won that time, but I suspect the King of the Monsters and his formidable atomic breath will have the upper hand this time around.”
James Burrell, Contributor

“Although I’m a lifelong Gojira (Godzilla) fan, I’m hoping that Kong wins this battle and can finally get the people who greenlit films with him looking like a Ken doll. Why so angry, you ask? I think we have the answer, Go Kong!”
Chris Hammond, Contributor

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures

“I think Godzilla would win because he’s a walking nuclear reactor and sheds a lot of radiation in a fight. So even if Kong beats Godzilla in a fight, he will likely die of cancer in the future. No matter how long it takes, Godzilla wins.”
Justin McConnell, Contributor

“My money’s on Godzilla. With 36 movies to date, he’s been training for this throwdown for decades!”
Andrea Subissati, Executive Editor

“Who do you root for when you love ’em both? This is the Sophie’s Choice of monster matchups. I mean, I freaking love ‘Zilla. My dude breathes fire! But Kong rules too. He’s the maestro of climbing shit. I guess what I’m really rooting for is a great fight. Two grand beasts in top form. Two monsters with no mercy. A great fight, after all, doesn’t mean a fair fight. There’ll be cheap shots galore, hopefully. Who’s nastier? Who’s craftier? Who’ll turn out to be the sneakier, dirtier brawler? Whoever it is, that’s who I want to win.”
Mark Benedict, Contributor

“As a fellow primate, I have to put my money on Kong. Two big opposable thumbs up for the mighty ape. Besides, look at that face and those big soulful, brown eyes. Can you imagine Fay Ray, Jessica Lange, or Naomi Watts snuggling up with a radioactive lizard? Beauty may have killed the beast, but Kong is going to put a king-sized smackdown on that overrated Japanese import.”
William J. Wright, Contributor

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures

“This was a tough choice, since I grew up a fan of both monsters and remain one today.  If this Kong was an honorary New Yorker, the way the original (and Peter Jackson) incarnation was, he might be my pick.  But since this Kong has never set giant foot in Manhattan–though I don’t know yet if he does so in GvK–I have to go with Godzilla.  Plus, I think the Big G has the edge: He’s got the atomic breath and tougher hide, and anyone who can survive being reimagined by Roland Emmerich can hold his own against Kong.”
Michael Gingold, Head Online Writer

“My heart has always belonged to Kong, because he’s a lover, not a fighter. Even if his signature jaw rip fails to fell ole Fallout Breath, the big irradiated lizard will go to his grave never having known the tender touch of a woman, so I think we know who the real winner is when all is said and done.”
Rocco T. Thompson, Online Managing Editor

“Kong all the way, because there can only be one King!”
Rodrigo Gudiño, Founder & President

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ GODZILLA VS. KONG is now screening nationwide in 2D and 3D in select theaters and IMAX. The film will be available in the U.S. on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release.

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