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Get drilled for a third time in “Slumber Party Massacre 3”

Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Rewind Zone


When it comes to horror movies, my two favourite subgenres would be slashers and creature features. As a child, my introduction to the world of slashers was watching Jason Voorhees tear up teens then looking behind my back for him while riding my bike home during the day. Because of this, I’ve always been fond of slashers and also because I believe they bring a classic virtue to the genre as being killed is a palpable reality that truly instils fear while watching. I have many films that are waiting to be written about for The Rewind Zone but today I am going to bring one up that isn’t talked about very often. Slumber Party Massacre 3 isn’t as great as its two predecessors but in my opinion is a worthy entry into the franchise. No it doesn’t include dead bodies in fridges or the sexiness that is Atanas Ilitch, but it’s still a fun slasher that contains all the basics: murder, sex, teenagers, beer, pizza, and blood.

Slumber Party Massacre 3 begins on the beach with lots of acid wash, high ponytails, and 80s coloured bathing suits except for one brooding ‘weirdo’ dressed all in black, (yes at a beach) gazing at the girls with his intense psychotic eyes while the boys are playing volleyball Top Gun style. We never know the weirdo’s name throughout the entirety of the film, just that he is very creepy, loves wearing all black and looking in windows.

Jackie Cassidy is the protagonist of the movie and her parents are selling their home so she decides to throw a slumber party with her five girlfriends before it sells. Her neighbour Morgan, another creepy character in the film, seems very interested in the house or the girls; you’d have to watch it to find out which! All I know is if I came home to find this man in my home, I would definitely call the police immediately, especially after he leaves and peaks through the door window. There’s lots of window peeping happening in this movie, you’d think having curtains would be a necessity!

Maria is definitely my favourite of the girls. I speculate that she’s wearing a wig but her outfits are on point and she plays the most perfect vapid slasher girl that renders mad Brinke Stevens vibes and I can’t help but wonder if that was done on purpose as she was in the first Slumber Party Massacre. Whenever I watch a movie like this I think of all the people who claim “girls don’t really do that”. I can testify that girls definitely get up and dance like idiots, bras optional, we actually don’t give a fuck. Then the boys show up inevitably and scare the girls while wearing horror masks. One is a ghoul, one is Freddy Krueger and the other I’m pretty sure is the aborted mutated fetus from The Suckling, but the teeth are different so I may need a fact check on that.

Another hint of familiarity in Slumber Party Massacre 3 was when one of the girls takes a bath, yes a bath, at the slumber party and it reminded me of the scene when the girl does the same at a High School reunion in Slaughter High. Man I love the absurdity of 80s horror (even though this film was released in 1990 I still like to categorize it in my favourite decade because it was filmed in 1989). Plus a bonus fun fact: it was filmed in Roger Corman’s studio!

Slumber Party Massacre 3 is a fun movie on a murder mystery ride with a body count of 12, equal to that of part one. I admire shrines in movies as well just to add to the psychotic demeanour of the character. So I implore you, please shed some love to this not so loved addition to the franchise and I for one admire the killer (once you find out who it is), and also extra bonus points for throwing in Deathstalker. But just a final thought: if you think eating raw cookie dough is disgusting, are you even alive?


Yasmina Ketita
My name is Yasmina and I am the co-host of Witch Finger Horror Podcast. My love for horror and VHS was established while growing up in the 80s. My admiration for the 80s and horror movies has compelled me to speak out about all the glorious aspects of this time and these movies on my podcast and also through writing. The 80s are my favourite decade for horror because it spawned a new generation of incredible practical effects, amazing VHS cover art and most importantly, provides nostalgia. Watching 80s horror movies comforts me in a sentimental way as if being back in those movie rental days.