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The Monster Mailman Is Back With a New Collectible that oozes horror

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 | Exclusive

Mike Beer, better known as The Monster Mailman, was highlighted a few months back with his HANDMADE VHS KEYCHAINS AND CASES (read the post here). Now he is back with a new creation: this time around, Beer gives fans a truly fascinating place to show off collectibles with his VHS OOZE SHELVES. These unique items are made of empty VHS tape casings sculpted with ooze accessories and custom VHS sticker labelling (they also include raw plugs and screws for flush mounting) and are the perfect way to mount your love of horror. Beer and fellow artist Evan Kiddey (on Instagram as @dead_video) collaborated on this project, both huge VHS fanatics who love coming up with new ways to show off their adoration for nostalgia. 


No word on just how much these oozing shelves can hold, but customers can choose from a variety of different films.  Beer will be selling these on his the Monster Mailman website in the next few days at a price said to be $90-95 USD including shipping. Included below is the step by step process on how to install an OOZE VHS SHELVE.

While checking out the new OOZE VHS SHELVES, take a gander at the fully revamped VHS CASE COVERS that will be available shortly. These cases and keychain set will be priced $10 cheaper than their resin case predecessors. Stay up to date on all the new creations and happenings from Mike Beer a.k.a.The Monster mailman on his website and social media accounts.

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