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The “Marcus Corvinus Vinyl Figure” From Star Ace Toys Will Drive You Batty

Friday, August 20, 2021 | Collectibles


The latest in Star Ace Toys’ line of affordable yet jaw-dropping pieces is the Underworld: Evolution Marcus soft vinyl statue. Marcus Corvinus (of the Corvinus Clan), the forefather of the entire Vampire species, was the main nemesis in 2006’s Underworld: Evolution, and Star Ace Toys has expertly captured this baddie in a whopping 12.5-inch tall figure (not including the height of the base) that’s absolutely stunning. From his six-pack abs to his protruding veins and hazardous “talons,” the overall sculpt and hand-painted elements are astounding.

What these Underworld figures lack in articulation, they make up for tenfold in detail. The likeness on this Marcus figure is glorious, Star Ace has not only knocked it out of the park but also set a new standard for figures to come. The eyes are so eerily lifelike that it’s difficult to tell if they’re painted or a separate piece added into the sculpt itself. A sculpted vinyl belt and frayed cloth skirt complete the look, covering the standard Star Ace sculpted legs. The deluxe version of the Marcus Corvinus softy vinyl figure includes an environmental dioramic base showcasing the beautiful detail of the floor of the vampire elder’s chamber as, of course, depicted in the film.

It is nice to see the evolution (get it?) that Star Ace keeps bringing to this Underworld line. The first Selene figure was a great starting point, but with this highly detailed figure, the company is truly firing on all cylinders. There’s no telling where they will go next, but we can be sure that they’ll outdo themselves once again.

The Underworld: Evolution Deluxe soft vinyl Marcus statue is out now and is priced around $199 USD/plus shipping. Don’t wait on this one, it’s selling out fast! Grab one right now at

Chris Hammond
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