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“THE KINGDOM EXODUS,” third in the Lars von Trier series, gets distribution

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 | News


New versions of its two predecessors are on the way as well.

MUBI has announced its acquisition of THE KINGDOM EXODUS, the third and final season of Lars von Trier’s groundbreaking supernatural TV series. The five episodes will stream on MUBI’s North America, UK, Ireland, Latin America, Turkey and India platforms this fall on a weekly basis. Set in the eponymous hospital where all manner of bizarre things occur, THE KINGDOM saw its first season back in 1994, followed by the second in 1997 (and was adapted by a team including Stephen King as KINGDOM HOSPITAL for ABC in 2004). THE KINGDOM EXODUS, starring Mikael Persbrandt, Lars Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Tuva Novotny with Alexander Skarsgård and David Dencik guest-starring, will have its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival in September. The synopsis: “Heavily influenced by the ghostly series THE KINGDOM, the sleepwalker Karen seeks answers to the unresolved questions of the series in order to save the hospital from doom. Sound asleep one night, Karen wanders into the darkness and inexplicably ends up in front of the hospital. The gate to the Kingdom is opening once more…”

In addition, MUBI will also air newly restored never-before-seen director’s cuts of THE KINGDOM’s first two seasons ahead of EXODUS’ debut. “MUBI is now home to THE KINGDOM–an incredible show, and the first television series released by MUBI. Ever,” says founder and CEO Efe Cakarel. “We want to bring more great artistic visions to as many people as possible–whether that’s through film or series. THE KINGDOM is the perfect first show to introduce episodic storytelling to MUBI, and marks one of our biggest steps forward as a company. We can’t wait to bring all three seasons to all our members, very soon.”

Michael Gingold
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