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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 | Collectibles

As devoted fans to the genre, we all have such a strong passion for collecting bits of memorabilia pertaining to our favorite horror films just automatically comes with the territory. Whether your Achilles heel be the beloved FUNKO, LIVING DEAD DOLLS, or as with many of us, a hodgepodge of whatever tickles our pickle that extends into a massive collection of pure awesomeness; you’re almost certain to find at the very least a shelf or two of horror related toys or collectibles in the home of any horror aficionado. And speaking quite frankly, gawking at another genre lover’s collection of random horror toys, movies, or posters is absolutely one of my own favorite pastimes. So if you’ve gotten this far into reading this, you’re most likely one of those people and I’m here to spread the gospel to horror collectors everywhere that if you’re not yet hip to the epic nature of ETSY shop READFUL THINGS, then by the H.R. Giger slimeball monster vomit of Stephen Freeling you’re in for a special treat boils and ghouls.

If you’re familiar at all with FUNKO’s line of ReAction figures that mimic the likes of old-school Kenner toys, that seems to be the inspiration for the fantastic custom ETSY shop who continues to tug the nostalgic heartstrings of our horror hearts with an ode to horror’s greatest moments from film that seem to have been given the shaft commercially. Iconic monsters such as the Tequila Worm from POLTERGEIST II and Stephen Gammell’s nightmare illustrations from SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK have been forever immortalized in plastic and awaiting a home for the right horror fan to snatch them up and add to their collection. I never knew I needed a figure of BOY from LITTLE MONSTERS until READFUL THINGS created one. However now, it is now my destiny to own one.


Along with these wonderful pieces of unique horror treasures, the online shop also specializes in pretty terrific customized VHS pieces that are guaranteed to act as a conversation piece in the middle of your coffee table. You can either snag one of these one-of-a-kind creations by heading directly to ETSY or request a custom piece stemming from your own imagination!

On that note, I would really like to see the not-so-mucho-ecological thing from the lake Rachel-eater in CREEPSHOW 2 figure. Let’s make this happen.

Patti Pauley
Lover and rambler of everything in the horror genre, from the present to essentially anything concerning retro horror goodness and vintage Halloween. Patti is an active member of the horror community, writing for several websites over the years, including her own. Count Chocula serves as her Kryptonite.