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The Evolution Of The Defo-Real Soft Vinyl Statue Series From Star Ace Toys Now Adds Kong 2.0

Sunday, May 17, 2020 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Star Ace Toys has been evolving its Defo-Real horror line over the years since it’s impressive first introduction, the Pennywise IT (2017) series. Their next release was a 6-inch, hyper-stylized version of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th as seen in the 2009 re-imaging of the classic franchise, followed by The Nun from the Conjuring universe, which we covered here. All their releases have the Defo-Real touch by creating multiple versions with a number of accessories.

Now, Star Ace Toys brings Kong: Skull Island with 4 offerings, Kong, Crawler, Kong vs Crawler set and Kong 2.0 (Octopus). All these soft vinyl statues have a realistic bite and over sized heads, the Defo-Real series trademark. A great example of the series is the Kong 2.0 (Octopus) standing a bit over 6 inches tall featuring a ferocious fight scene from the film Kong: Skull Island. This scene has never been depicted in any other collectible and features a highly detailed diorama base that was sculpted by the Kaibutsuya workshop under the direction of master sculptor Yoshio. Kong 2.0 (Octopus) is available right now for $78 USD (plus shipping). 

Final Thoughts: This is a very different type of entry in the Defo-Real series that Star Ace Toys has put forth so far. The other entries are single characters with a base while this is a one-piece statue with diorama base all in one—a detailed, meticulously designed piece. Get this and these other great Kong figurines into your display case!

Keep up to date on more upcoming Defo-Real releases on the Star Ace Toys website and follow along on the Star Ace Toys Facebook. 

Chris Hammond
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